Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR vs. Swimlane

Complex and resource-intensive deployments are just a few of the reasons why you should never settle for “good enough” security automation from Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR. Real Swimlane and XSOAR customer reviews are what determined the 2024 SoftwareReviews Quadrant Ranking shown here, and what informed the technology comparison below. Keep reading to see the difference between just “good enough” and great security automation. 

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Reasons Why Customers Rely on Swimlane

  • #1 rated SOAR on Gartner Peer Insights
  • Fortune 500s rely on Swimlane for security automation 
  • Proven to integrate with anything your environment demands

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PerformanceLimited automation capacity restricts scale and performance.Executes 25 million actions per day
ImplementationRequires heavy developer resources to deployProfessional implementation with first value in 2 weeks or less
PlaybooksComplex: Developer resources needed to build and maintain
Low-code playbook building and visual applications for any use case
Case ManagementPoor visibility for security eventsHighly customizable with 72+ record fields
DashboardsVisual dashboards
Visual dashboards for any user or use case
ReportingCustom reports

Flexible reports that can leverage AI summaries and translations
AIBring your own machine-learning model-based Co-Pilot. Swimlane LLM, AI-driven case management, reporting, and playbook tools
IntegrationsVendor specific integrationsInfinite integrations are available on-demand
Customer SupportUnresponsive customer support 4.9-star services and support experience (Gartner Peer Insights)
Updates & InnovationLow innovations and slow deployment cycles for new features #1 in product strategy & rate of improvement (SoftwareReviews)

Reimagine Security Operations with Swimlane

There is no comparison between Swimlane and Tines. Watch this short video to learn more about what makes Swimlane Turbine the #1 customer-rated, most scalable, fast, and flexible security automation platform in the world.

The interface, the search capabilities, case management is poor and above all reporting is really quite underwhelming at this level.

Cortex XSOAR Customer, Gartner Peer Insights

t felt like the product plateaued when Phantom was purchased by Splunk. From that point forward, changes were less frequent and support was less responsive.

Cortex XSOAR Customer, Gartner Peer Insights

No new features are seen in the product from last few years.

Cortex XSOAR Customer, Gartner Peer Insights

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