Google Chronicle SOAR vs. Swimlane

Prepared for a disengaged vendor relationship following Google’s acquisition of Siemplify?

Google Has Yet To Be Recognized As A Leader in Security

Acquisitions inevitably take a toll on product development and customer satisfaction. Google’s acquisition of Siemplify is no different.

Google Chronicle is Not Dedicated To Security Automation

Acquired by Google, Chronicle SOAR is tied to a parent company that doesn’t only focus on security automation. The development release cycles are slow, with only 1 release in 2022.

Chronicle SOAR Is Limiting Your Security Posture Maturity

As Companies grow and their security posture matures, SecOps teams become better ingrained in broader parts of the organization. Google Chronicle is only focused on re-envisioning security operations.

Lack of Product Stability

Chronicle SOAR is known to be unstable, particularly when it comes to the multi-tenant cloud version.

Weakness of Case Management Capabilities

Chronicle SOAR’s case management and dashboards are dependent on additional ITSM tools, making it complicated for stakeholders to gain visibility on the value of security.

Reasons Why Customers Rely on Swimlane

  • #1 rated SOAR on Gartner Peer Insights
  • Fortune 500s rely on Swimlane for security automation 
  • Partner-proven to integrate with anything your environment demands

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The flexibility of the Swimlane platform makes it the ideal solution for both our company and our customers to harness the power of low-code security automation, allowing every team member to create response processes that align with unique business processes.

Patrick Schraut
SVP CyberSecurity, NTT DATA

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