Katie Bykowski

Director of Product Marketing

Katie Bykowski brings a wealth of experience in bringing tech solutions to market. As Swimlane’s Director of Product Marketing, she is responsible for building and leading a team of individuals, analyst relations, competitive intelligence, public relations, content, partner, and product marketing. Katie spearheads product launches involving new integrations or partnerships, develops innovative strategies to leverage product telemetry data in the market, and collaborates closely with cross-functional teams on launches and market research initiatives. Through her time at Swimlane, Katie has been instrumental in launching Swimlane Turbine, the ARMOR Assessment, Hero AI, and Turbine Canvas, to name a few. Shortly before joining Swimlane, Katie earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA), with a strategic growth specialty, from the University of St. Thomas. While completing her MBA, Katie held various roles at Code42 ranging from managing CISO advisory boards, user groups, market research, portfolio, and product strategy. Her most recent and significant role was as the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Insider Risk Management (IRM) and technology ecosystems. In this role, Katie authored Code42’s IRM framework which was an inflection point in the companies’ category creation journey. Her insights helped Code42 influence Gartner to rename the User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) category to Insider Risk Management on Gartner Peer Insights.

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