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Automation is critical for effective security operations (SecOps) in modern organizations. Successful and intuitive automation requires an automation platform that is easy to work with yet powerful enough to automate a wide range of tasks.

To understand what it takes to effectively protect and defend your organization takes a mindful blend of human judgment and cutting-edge automation tactics. At Swimlane, we aim to bring to life an automation platform that is powerful and intuitive so that you can focus on creating unique solutions for your organizations. That’s why we built Turbine Canvas, the industry’s first and only ultra-simple low-code automation studio. It is built to help you create concise logical playbooks faster and simpler than ever before. With Canvas, you can automate any use cases, no matter your skill level. 

Introducing Turbine Canvas

Our Product Vision 

At Swimlane, we want to support the SecOps community to effectively create solutions to address intricate, time-consuming, and complex processes. We believe that automation based on a simple and powerful graphical language is the key to doing so. 

In our design process for Turbine Canvas, we found inspiration from the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) framework. BPMN is a compelling graphical language. When used effectively, it generates a clear visual representation of complex business processes such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Procure-to-Pay (P2P). Similar to business processes, SecOps, and the cybersecurity incident management lifecycle are a sophisticated and intricate web of activities. These workflows touch upon an incredible amount of interactions among internal and external personnel, departments, and systems. 

For example, an unwitting employee who clicks on a phishing email can launch a malware attack with far-ranging implications that impact many IT systems throughout an organization, like network monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and data loss prevention (DLP). The aftermath of this one negligent click may also require attention from specialists from the SOC, IT, legal, public relations, and possibly external law enforcement. Turbine is built to solve complicated problems like this with simplicity and the power of end-to-end security automation. 

5 Ways Turbine Canvas Simplifies Security Automation

  1. Streamlines Complex Workflows 

Approachability and legibility are the defining traits of how Turbine Canvas playbooks operate. In Canvas, you can use simple mouse gestures to quickly drag and drop in actions to start building your trigger-based automation workflows. Turbine Canvas supports individual workflows per playbook trigger with branching capabilities to gracefully handle errors and clear execution indicators. This way of building automation “flattens out” multi-faceted automation workflows into a more transparent and simplified form that facilitates easier visualization and comprehension. 

  1. Native No-Code Logic

Turbine Canvas has incredibly powerful visual programming logic that supports anything you want to build. Its intuitive user experience abstracts away the difficulty of code writing with its extensive suite of no-code native logic capabilities. Simply drag and drop them into your playbook to get started. You can leverage the power of variables, repeat actions, data transformations,  and Turbine’s visual condition builder to add logic wherever it’s needed. Turbine also makes it easy to use intuitive operations to parse and save critical data records. 

  1. AI-Enabled Automation 

For the most advanced scenarios, you can rely on Hero AI Text-to-Code capability to generate Python scripts to get the job done, all without the need to manually write code from the ground up. This Hero AI python generating ChatBot generates sophisticated python code in seconds. Watch this demo video to see how. 

  1. Simplifies Troubleshooting and Testing

Turbine Canvas provides a test console that makes it quick and easy to build and test your automation creations side by side. This seamless experience enables you to delve into playbook run details to troubleshoot runtime issues quickly. Simply test playbooks with custom test data to validate and refine outcomes as needed. 

  1. Simple and Intuitive to Manage 

Turbine’s centralized library provides a comprehensive view of all automation use cases, associated connectors, and applications in your account. Now, with just a few mouse clicks, you can host, publish, and deploy your SOC automation solutions across all of your tenants.

Powerful Capabilities that Improve SecOps Outcomes 

Standardized and Reusable Components

Components are one of the most powerful capabilities in Turbine Canvas. Reminiscent of functions in code, components are elegant modular visual building blocks. They can be standardized and reused across all of your automation solutions. Using components provides the ability to build automation once and reuse it across all playbooks to automate faster than ever before. 

Plug-N-Play Automation

You don’t have to build and maintain an extensive custom component library to reap the benefits of components. Swimlane components offer true plug-and-play capabilities that allow you to customize your automation solutions to fit your tech stack. They are guaranteed to always work seamlessly with your playbooks without the need for manual re-configuration.

Get the best of both tailor-fit automation and plug-n-play capabilities. In Turbine Canvas, you can selectively build custom components to automate any unique use cases. Or you can leverage Swimlane’s component collections to seamlessly tap into industry-standard technologies for common SOC automation use cases like phishing, alert triage, vulnerability management, threat hunting, and more.  

Adaptability and Resilience

It’s rare to have 100% certainty of whether some external data sources have changed without notice. Turbine Canvas can help you overcome scenarios like the lack of common data models and constantly evolving data schema. Use the Hero AI Schema Inference capability to perform data schema discovery and mapping to adapt to change in real time. This will help you build powerful, resilient, and adaptable playbooks. 

Explore Turbine Canvas Today

Turbine Canvas will help the SecOps community automate and optimize processes for organizations of all shapes and sizes. From SOAR use cases to SOC automation, and unconventional security automation workflows like compliance, vulnerability management, or fraud, Turbine Canvas makes automation easy and efficient.

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