Swimlane and CrowdStrike: Enabling Collaboration and Automation to Reduce MTTR

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Learn how modern security automation is a force multiplier for your SecOps team.

In cybersecurity today, an organization’s security operations center (SOC) is tasked with protecting employees, mission-critical systems and vital confidential information. Throughout day-to-day operations, a plethora of inefficiencies can persist across incidents that force SOC teams to slow their progress; some examples of these include cumbersome tailored response processes, continuous endpoint indicator monitoring and deep organizational silos that make communication between teams challenging.

To reduce the amount of time spent across each incident, SOC teams truly need automation they can leverage across these areas. This means features like automated data ingestion across new alerts, centralized intelligence throughout tools, and automated collaboration that all work together to dramatically reduce MTTR. This is why SOC teams have turned to Swimlane Turbine and CrowdStrike to help them address these challenges.

Swimlane and CrowdStrike have been working together for years adding automation through to the endpoint and the joint offering grows more powerful each year. Together, our products function as a powerful force multiplier for use cases such as troubleshooting endpoint-related issues, breaking down organizational silos, and automating the enrichment of IOCs across alerts. These integrations and the automation they add dramatically help SOC teams deliver better threat response capabilities with significantly faster mean time to resolution.

See the Swimlane Turbine and CrowdStrike Falcon bundle in action below.

By introducing automation to gather diagnostics and relevant data while coordinating with multiple business units, security and IT teams can focus on more important issues and threats to their environment.

Security Automation

Turbine is able to carry out a machine-speed response to any CrowdStrike Falcon threat detection to dramatically reduce MTTR and resources required during an incident. Additionally, teams can use Turbine in conjunction with CrowdStrike to create a simple email-based alert that can lead to rapid response and immediate investigation of these events. Combining Swimlane’s SOAR use cases with CrowdStrike’s Real Time Response, users can investigate and interact directly with the endpoint.

Centralized Intelligence and Enrichment

Swimlane can also provide teams with the ability to gather diagnostics and relevant data across security stacks while coordinating with multiple business units. Centralized data within Turbine enhances collaboration across departments or teams and decreases MTTR during incident response or triage.

How the Swimlane and CrowdStrike integration works:

  1. Turbine ingests alerts, indicators and intelligence from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

  2. Turbine automatically enriches the data in order to automate and optimize security operations use cases.

  3. Leveraging enhanced EDR and threat intelligence, response processes are implemented to ensure better protection across systems.

Key Benefits

  • Improve collaboration and response processes across teams

  • Reduce MTTR and resources required when an incident occurs

  • Investigate, interact and enforce response and remediation directly with the endpoint at machine-speed

  • Ingest indicators from CrowdStrike for use within or to trigger an automated workflow

Looking Towards the Future

Swimlane continues to expand CrowdStrike integrations in Turbine, including adding additional functionality for current CrowdStrike products and adding integrations with new CrowdStrike products. The latest such addition would be a new Swimlane integration with CrowdStrike Identity Protection, wherein users can now query across the CrowdStrike Identity API to pull results directly into Turbine. Centralizing these findings enables further automated enrichment, automated response options and greater collaboration with other stakeholders.

Webinar: SOAR Beyond Endpoint Security

Organizational silos, tailored response processes and troubleshooting endpoints are the first things that come to mind when talking about securing and managing endpoints. Watch the Swimlane & Crowdstrike joint webinar and learn how to boost your response capabilities.

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