Swimlane Becomes Fastest Growing SOAR Company with 700%+ Revenue Growth in Less Than Four Years

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Security orchestration, automation and response, or SOAR, continues to mature as a market and is becoming one of the most popular segments of cybersecurity among security leaders. Why? As COVID and remote work has transformed nearly every company into a technology company, the bi-product is an ever-increasing number of targeted cybersecurity attacks against enterprises and a considerable uptick in security alerts and security alert fatigue. If that wasn’t enough, our industry continues to be plagued by an ever-growing skilled labor shortage. In short, humans can’t keep up.

Swimlane has risen to the occasion by filling this void through the development and implementation of low-code security automation, which enables organizations to secure their operations much easier within the constraints of the current climate. In the words of Swimlane’s CEO James Brear, “We are executing on all fronts and are well-positioned for accelerated growth into 2022.”

Our record growth is being fueled by the increasing demand for our low-code security automation platform. In particular, Swimlane realized more than 700% growth from 2017 to 2021, making us the fastest growing SOAR company on the market. The customer validation is there to back it up with Swimlane protecting nearly $1 trillion in annual revenue among our top 25 enterprise customers that rely on our platform.

Winning Against SOAR Competitors

When it comes to the street fights and customer evaluations, Swimlane is taking the SOAR market by storm. We’ve won multiple seven-figure deals, including wins with major players on Wall Street and across the financial services industry. One very recognizable Fortune 300 financial services company was so impressed with Swimlane that they ripped out a long-standing market leader’s comparable offering and standardized on Swimlane for their security automation.

When it comes to fueling this go-to-market growth and an increase in competitive take-downs, the company turned to a seasoned sales leader, hiring Jim Pickering as SVP of worldwide sales. Jim brings world-class sales athleticism and leadership to Swimlane with a proven track-record at Fortinet, InfoBlox and Juniper Networks.

Our SOAR Customers Tell the Story

Swimlane became the #1 reviewed SOAR platform on Gartner Peer Insights in the last 12 months with a 4.8-out-of-5 star overall rating, with one reviewer, a VP of Enterprise Managed Services for a $1-3B firm, proclaiming Swimlane is “As Close To Skynet As It Comes.”

While we’re not quite recreating The Terminator movie, we did have a Senior Managed Security Service Account Manager for a $1-3B services firm say: “Swimlane is the best SOAR platform on the market.”

Partnerships & Tech Integrations Are Essential

Our technology integrations and partners are key to driving accelerated growth, and to make that happen, the company brought on a world-class partner and business development leader in Mike Kay. Mike joined Swimlane with his foot on the gas from day-one, leading the launch of our Medley Partner Program that spans integration and alliance partners, channel partners, and advisory alliances with more than 1,800 integration endpoints.

While there are certainly too many integrations and partnerships to write about in one post, our partner program is supported through the likes of technology alliances like Elastic and Recorded Future; value-added reseller and solutions providers that include Optiv, GuidePoint and iSOC24; and some of the world’s largest global systems integrators.

Highly Developed Low-Code Product Features & Services

A product review of Swimlane written by a Security Services Consultant for a $1-3B firm stated, “Swimlane has given our SecOps team an unprecedented boost in efficiency and effectiveness.”

It all starts with having a solid product developed by world-class engineers. Driving our product innovation and partnering closely with Swimlane CTO Chris Stimmel, the company added Donald Hasson as SVP of Product. Donald brings proven SaaS product experience and leadership to Swimlane from BeyondTrust and Honeywell Defense and Space.

Our product leadership in low-code security automation was recently exemplified by the launch of Swimlane Cloud: A SaaS offering that provides a new way for security teams to implement the industry’s most-capable security automation platform. With Swimlane Cloud, customers can harness the knowledge of the entire security organization and centralize operational data as a system of record.

Sky’s the limit now!

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