Swimlane and Nozomi Networks, Vulnerability Management Automation for Critical Infrastructure

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Defense for the Growing OT & IT Attack Surface

As the world of critical infrastructure grows more complex, the threats grow more sophisticated. 89% of electric, oil, gas and manufacturing firms have experienced a disruptive cyber attack in the past 12 months.

The proliferation of IoT devices, cloud services and mobile devices mean there are more vectors for attackers to exploit – and more places for them to hide. It’s already hard for the typical security team to manage a wide attack surface. For organizations in the operational technology (OT) space, the challenge is magnified.

IT and OT security teams are working together to protect critical infrastructure, but there is a real communication barrier between them. There are also complex processes needed to detect and remediate threats properly. When you add in the time-consuming manual work that goes into vulnerability management, it’s easy to see why organizations need an automated solution.

A Joint Solution to Connect People, Processes and Technology

Swimlane and Nozomi Networks work closely with firms in critical infrastructure sectors to protect OT assets. Customers have highlighted the unique set of challenges within the OT space. To help resolve those challenges, Swimlane and Nozomi Networks have partnered to create a joint solution customized for OT teams and the increasingly complex IT/OT convergence.

Vulnerability management and patching are key challenges within OT environments. There are thousands of assets to monitor, and limited visibility between siloed tools and departments. OT teams are forced to jump between products to gather the information they need – an inefficient and costly process.

With the help of Swimlane Turbine and Nozomi Networks, analysts can leverage centralized intelligence in a single system to streamline vulnerability management. Cases are easier to manage, and collaboration with IT is simplified. Security teams gain clearer visibility into alerts between tools and can respond faster and more effectively.

In Action: Automation for OT and IT Environments

With the Swimlane Turbine and Nozomi Networks integration, OT security teams utilize automated and single-click responses across any Turbine connected product. Turbine automates enrichment actions across the security ecosystem to reduce time spent on manual investigations and case building.

Below: watch a demo of the Swimlane and Nozomi Networks integration.

This integration allows IT and OT to reconnect their processes through a common lens. Security teams gain visibility across joint initiatives with the help of Turbine’s case management capabilities. The result is great efficiency across cases, improved risk posture and visibility for CISOs across the entire security landscape.

A System of Record and Other Benefits

Critical infrastructure SecOps teams unlock a range of benefits with the Swimlane Turbine and Nozomi Networks joint solution. Turbine’s case management capabilities and automated alert enrichment work together to create a system of record for security teams. OT and IT teams that leverage this system of record can experience other benefits:

Gain visibility into key metrics: manage vulnerabilities across siloed technology for easier and faster reporting.

Improve operational efficiency: automation reduces mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-respond (MTTR).

Reduce organizational risk: automatically protect OT assets with faster device quarantine, isolation, device tagging and more – all for an additional layer of security.

Accelerate OT security advancement: time-consuming, error-prone tasks can be automated to increase patch accuracy and guide analysts through incident response processes.

Integration: Swimlane & Nozomi Networks

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