Swimlane Trial Launches with McAfee’s MVISION Marketplace Opening

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In working with Swimlane the last four or five years, McAfee is no stranger to Swimlane’s SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) platform. We are excited to announce that Swimlane has been selected as one of the inaugural offerings in the new McAfee MVISION Marketplace. As a McAfee Security Integration Alliance (SIA) partner, Swimlane has worked closely with McAfee to demonstrate the powerful results of integrating our solutions. Integrating Swimlane with the robust McAfee suite of products enables the orchestration and automation of detailed workflows that empower everything from fully automated response and remediation to hybrid processes with human-enabled tasks.

McAfee’s MVISION Marketplace is a cloud-based platform that allows users to evaluate McAfee-compatible solutions like Swimlane quickly and easily. The Swimlane evaluation version is preconfigured and easy to set up and get started. Both McAfee MVISION ePO and MVISION EDR integrations are available to use upon launch. By connecting Swimlane with McAfee MVISION’s robust offerings, users can accelerate and streamline incident response processes by centralizing all relevant event data in one platform and automating standardized workflows.

With the McAfee MVISION Marketplace, customers have a first-hand opportunity to see and try Swimlane using the 60-day Swimlane trial license. As a part of this offering, users will be able to retrieve threat events from McAfee MVISION ePO and see all the detail that is automatically brought into Swimlane. Combined with McAfee’s Endpoint Detection Client, users will also be able to automatically ingest information about devices and see that brought into the platform. Creating an investigation can be part of an automated workflow or as simple as clicking a button in Swimlane that engages McAfee MVISION EDR to initiate that action.

Swimlane’s capability to integrate with hundreds of security products ensures that data provided from McAfee’s products can be quickly and easily tied to numerous additional actions whether that is enrichment of indicators, creation and filing of reports, automatically collecting forensic data, meeting compliance requirements, automating security testing mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, changing environment configurations and thousands more.

Learn all about this amazing new offering from McAfee and Swimlane at https://marketplace.mcafee.com

Swimlane and McAfee MVision Solution Brief


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