Joint Solution Briefs

Okta and Swimlane

Employee Access Auditing

More than ever, security teams are faced with numerous challenges to maintain secure environments. They must be able to quickly review and manage which users are provisioned to which SaaS solutions, set thresholds for user management, automatically review all provisioned users on a regular basis without a daily, monthly, or weekly manual review and provide reporting of users that are in violation thresholds based on company policy, or regulatory compliance.

The Okta integration with Swimlane allows security teams to define and set best practice thresholds for user access to SaaS applications. They can automatically check all users daily (or more frequently) for adherence to defined thresholds as well as send automatic notifications to stakeholders identifying access that doesn’t meet company policy and standards. Automation can be set up to enforce user access via SSO to ensure it is tightly managed, reducing threats of data loss and identity theft.

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