Streamline your OT Security Operations Center with SOAR (52:19)

Critical Infrastructure organizations are faced with numerous threats across their IT and OT environments on a daily basis. Even the most highly skilled analysts are unable to analyze and respond to the ever-increasing number of threats in a timely manner. Constantly adding headcount to try and keep up is not a viable solution. So how do you maximize the productivity of your existing security tools and staff while gaining greater visibility, reducing response time, and improving team efficiency? SOAR- Automation, Orchestration, Automation and Response.

1898 & Co. and Swimlane recently did a joint webinar to discuss how SOAR can help streamline security operations. In this session you’ll learn:

  • Practical strategies and techniques for navigating out of a reactive focus on detection and how to move towards a proactive, automated SOC model to reduce risk.
  • How automation solves uses cases such as phishing triage and SIEM alert triage, among others.
  • How to go beyond security: See a short demo on how SOAR can simplify NERC CIP and other compliance regulations.

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