Unit 221B: Realizing Value in a Flash with Swimlane Security Automation

Security automation helps organizations keep pace with alerts, emerging threats, and complex tech stacks and processes. This means that more companies than ever are seeking hands-on operational expertise in the utilization and optimization of these tools.  Recognized for developing innovative cybersecurity services, Unit 221B is quickly becoming a leader in this space.  From blazing fast implementation times to their focus on long-term value and unparalleled customizations, Unit 221B’s clients are realizing incredible results thanks to this winning partnership.

Join Swimlane’s Field CTO, Bryon Page, and Unit 221b’s VP of Security, Andriy Noble on July 27th at 1:00pm ET as we explore:

  • Why Unit 221B chooses to turn the traditional managed services model on its head
  • Why Unit 221B selects Swimlane to help address its customers’ most challenging security problems
  • How Swimlane’s low-code SOAR helps MSSPs and MDRs maximize profitability and growth
  • The tangible benefits organizations who deploy this winning partnership can expect
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