Outside of the SOC: Use Cases not to Underestimate

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4 ways to utilize Swimlane solutions for the other side of essential security

When it comes to security, organizations are spread thin. Whether they have too much disjointed data or not enough SecOps staff, one of the biggest pain points is a lack of resources to tackle mundane, repetitive tasks.

Low-code security automation solutions – like Swimlane – free up analysts’ time with automated workflows and use cases. Conventional use cases like phishing and threat hunting help address time-consuming tasks in the SOC, but Swimlane takes it a step further by automating security use cases beyond the SOC.

Why? When security automation has the opportunity to help outside of conventional SOC processes, your low-code automation solution turns into a system of record for your entire security organization. By growing the reach of your security solutions, you strengthen the entire organization and show the true value of your SecOps team.

Here are some of the ways Swimlane solutions help outside of the SOC.

Cybersecurity Fraud and Brand Impersonation

Fraud and brand impersonation attacks, like domain squatting, harvest credentials from an organization, distribute malware, harm an organization’s reputation, or otherwise maliciously impersonate a legitimate domain. SecOps teams normally have to work across your organization to manually track and measure data on these attacks, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Swimlane’s low-code security automation platform helps you gain visibility into fraud by collecting data from disparate tools. Automated workflows can be easily built out to block fraudulent links, taking a much-needed step towards proactivity. It also becomes easier to detect brand impersonation by applying business logic and machine learning models to key indicators.

Fraud Case Management

Fraud attacks are on the rise, and risk levels continue to grow. In fact, 59% of companies KPMG surveyed report that their anti-fraud controls have not been updated to reflect the post-pandemic world. This could spell disaster for your already overwhelmed SecOps team if they aren’t properly equipped.

Robust fraud case management capabilities are available in Swimlane solutions to rapidly address fraud alerts. Your analysts can collaborate on fraud cases with real-time data for faster and more accurate responses, reducing MTTD and MTTR. Low-code automation platforms make it simple to establish a system of record that’s easy to audit and report on your organization’s fraud risk posture.

Watch Swimlane in action against fraud and credential leakage.

Simplifying Onboarding & Offboarding

Employee onboarding and offboarding aren’t easy processes, but gaps can make them even worse. Limited visibility, manual processes, and weak access controls leave companies at risk of a data leak. This risk grows substantially when employees with elevated access credentials leave the organization or move to competitive companies.

Swimlane builds a system of record for all insider data risks. You can automate manual processes and triggers access controls to prevent data leaks when an employee leaves. This starts by including the HR system in the automation loop so your team is aware of arrivals and departures. Your analysts can gain visibility into what applications and systems departing employees have access to, and those controls can be automatically revoked as part of the offboarding checklist. In the event of a disgruntled employee, low-code automation makes it seamless to collaborate on insider threat use cases in real-time.

Mobile Phishing and How to Handle It

Phishing is nothing new. But the way people are being phished is constantly evolving. Cybercriminals are now targeting mobile devices in addition to computers, especially as more people work remotely. It’s no longer enough to train your employees on phishing attacks and think you’ve got the problem covered.

Swimlane platforms harness institutional knowledge across your company to enable your security teams to quickly detect mobile phone phishing attempts. Phishing triage automation is set up quickly to automatically investigate and quarantine mobile phishing attacks and block false positives with automated incident response processes. Your analysts save time by gaining visibility across devices in one intuitive dashboard.

Low-Code Solutions

High-frequency attacks present additional challenges for SOC analysts. It becomes more difficult to keep track of all malicious activities – especially beyond the SOC – which can act independently and at high frequency. Low-code security automation offers a solution to this challenge with automated use cases that extend outside the SOC and show the value of your SecOps team.

Extend the reach of your security team.

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