Security Orchestration

Integrate disparate security tools with security orchestration capabilities that provide you with complete visibility into your security operations.  

reduction in MTTD and MTTR



SecOps cut critical Mean Times after Security Orchestration and Response is deployed.

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SecOps increase exponential growth in security actionability

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without SOAR the SOCs can be overwhelmed by the proliferation of alerts

Security Orchestration Enables Machine-Speed Decision Making

Overcome vendor lock in and closed ecosystems by selecting a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform that can integrate with anything. Comprehensive security orchestration ensures that SecOps teams can access the information they need to execute incident response processes faster.


Comprehensive Alert Context

Swimlane Turbine captures and enriches threat data within a single interface to provide critical alert context to speed up the incident response process.

Consistent SOC Workflows

Map Turbine playbooks to your unique processes to ensure SOC teams can respond to every threat in a consistent manner.

Integrated Security Tools

Quickly connect your tech stack by leveraging Turbine’s extensive library of out-of-the-box integrations or its API-first architecture to build your own bi-directional integration.

Connect Siloed Teams, Telemetry and Workflows

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how enterprises, government agencies and services providers streamline SecOps with security orchestration capabilities

Gain a System of Record for SecOps

Security orchestration combines human and machine data derived from SecOps processes to centralize all disparate data into a single interface that enables faster decision making. This makes it easier to access the data you need to make decisions to quickly mitigate threats and protect your organization.

Gain Enhanced Context to Prioritize Alerts

Avoid wasting time and resources by filtering out false positives to immediately highlight critical threat insights. When an attack is part of a broader pattern, Turbine pulls information from threat intelligence and other IOC platforms to quickly understand the problem and facilitate prompt action.

Trigger One-Click Remediation

Security orchestration enables interoperability and management of activities across the entire range of security platforms and related operational tools from a central management console. Turbine’s bi-directional integration makes it so any alert can be responded to with defense-in-depth measures at machine speeds.

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