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Domain Squatting
Quickly identify and monitor malicious domains at machine-speeds

Unlock the power of automation in the SOC

The Challenge

Cyber threats present themselves in a variety of ways, not just as direct attacks on your systems.

Domain squatting mimics your organization’s trusted domains in an attempt to extort, harvest credentials, distribute malware and damage your reputation.

The Solution

Swimlane automates and orchestrates the process to detect domain squatting, typosquatting, substitution squatting, and IDN homograph attacks.

  • Quickly automate detection and monitoring of any registered domains that match your customizable criteria

  • Customizable reporting automatically gathers metadata and snapshots of malicious domain landing pages as changes occur

  • Case management capabilities provide clear and consistent alert and incident context without manual digging

Swimlane and Domain Squatting

Watch Swimlane in action in this domain squatting use case video.


Gain Visibility

Swimlane’s case management capabilities provide a clear and consistent view into alerts and incident context without manually digging. Customizable dashboards make it simple to view snapshots of potentially malicious sites and take swift action.

Accelerate MTTD and MTTR

Automate repetitive tasks to help continuously identify threats at machine speed, enabling your security team to focus on more complex threats quicker while also reducing mean time to detection (MTTD) and response (MTTR).

Streamline Incident Response Processes

Align your processes and procedures with industry best practices with fully-customizable, automated playbooks and workflows designed to tackle domain squatting (and other threats).

Mitigate Analyst Burnout

Let Swimlane handle the mundane and time-consuming tasks required to monitor domain squatting, so that analysts can allocate their time to only the strategic decisions.

Ready to see the product?

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