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SIEM Alert Triage
Free your team of false positives and alert fatigue
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Unlock the power of automation beyond the SOC

The Challenge

Security teams are overwhelmed by the volume of daily alerts they receive from security information and event management (SIEM) tools. It’s not uncommon to deal with over 10,000 alerts per day. Even more frustrating, analysts report a 50%+ false-positive rate, which is a recipe for alert fatigue. When analysts are only able to investigate a fraction of the real alerts that come in each day, threats go unnoticed and leave the organization vulnerable.

Analysts also use a wide range of tools to enrich the alert data with context to both validate and assess the potential impact of the threat. Oftentimes, analysts are forced to manually perform triage actions independent of the original alert, using multiple UIs and platforms. The resulting inefficiencies take alerts out of context, increase mean time to resolution (MTTR) and organizational risk.

The Solution

Swimlane automates and orchestrates the SIEM alert triage process by integrating your previously disjointed tools to bring actionable data into a centralized system of record that combines machine data and human decisions into a single source of truth.

  • Automate the manual steps of the SIEM alert triage process with pre-built use cases

  • Build entirely automated workflows to help identify and dismiss false positives

  • Customize SIEM alert triage workflows to adapt to your established processes

Swimlane and SIEM Alert Triage



Reduce Errors & False Positives

With automated SIEM alert workflows, false positives can be identified and dismissed, which frees your analysts from alert fatigue.

Centralize Alert Information

With robust case management capabilities, alerts across all your channels can be centralized into intuitive dashboards and reports, to serve as the system of record for your entire security organization.

Stop Breaches Faster

Fully customizable incident response playbooks empower your security team to respond to real threats quicker, lowering mean-time-to-detect (MMTD) and resolve (MTTR).

Mitigate Analyst Burnout

Let Swimlane handle the mundane and time-consuming tasks required for threat hunting, so that analysts can allocate their time to only the strategic decisions.

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