Tines vs. Swimlane Security Automation Comparison

There are many reasons why you should never settle for “good enough” security automation from Tines. Real Swimlane and Tines customer reviews are what determined the 2024 SoftwareReviews Quadrant Ranking shown here, and what informed the technology comparison below. Keep reading to see the difference between just “good enough” and great security automation.

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Reasons Why Customers Rely on Swimlane

  • #1 rated SOAR on Gartner Peer Insights
  • Fortune 500s rely on Swimlane for security automation 
  • Proven to integrate with anything your environment demands

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ScalabilityHandles 10 actions per second

Automates 100x faster than Tines
Case ManagementRestricted to 9 fields Highly customizable with 72+ record fields
DashboardsNot availableVisual dashboards for any user or use case
ReportingNot availableFlexible reports that can leverage AI summaries and translations.
PlaybooksPython exclusively supportedSupports Python and JSON
IntegrationsNo pre-built integrations approach means limitation to maintain and customizeInfinite integrations are available on-demand
AINo native AI capabilitiesSwimlane LLM, AI-driven case management, reporting, and playbook tools
ReliabilityDowntime due to daily event limits
99.9% availability and zero downtime (ZDT) updates
Pricing & PackagingUnexpected costs (deployment, features…)Full-featured with unlimited users & integrations
Multi-TenancyNot supported
Cloud-native multi-tenant architecture
DeploymentSelf-hosted environment comes at a premium available to enterprise
customers only
Cloud, on-prem, and air-gapped deployments supported

Reimagine Security Operations with Swimlane

There is no comparison between Swimlane and Tines. Watch this short video to learn more about what makes Swimlane Turbine the #1 customer-rated, most scalable, fast, and flexible security automation platform in the world.

Dislike pricing based on number of automations rather than number of automation executions, product lacks ability to mark data or fields as containing sensitive data, product has poor support for service authentication via certificates.

Tines Customer, Gartner Peer Insights

Tines will need to find some way for their customers to ensure maintainability as their requirements grow. These organizational oversight tools don’t yet exist in Tines.

Tines Customer, Gartner Peer Insights

The tunneling functionality is also very immature and requires the implementation of granular security controls. We forewent the tunnel entirely when we found out it had inadequate inbuilt controls.

Tines Customer, Gartner Peer Insights

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