Bino Kohli

Principal Product Manager

Bino Kohli, a seasoned Principal Product Manager at Swimlane, is dialed into Swimlane Turbine’s product roadmap, planning, product design, executive presentations, developer tools, and defining use cases and business requirements. With her expertise in innovation and a passion for excellence, Bino orchestrates Swimlane Turbine’s product ecosystem. Prior to joining Swimlane, Bino was a Principal Product Manager at TigerGraph, where she incubated and guided the development and release of end-user enterprise UI applications to improve productivity for customers. Bino built the engineering process and features for two new products at TigerGraph - Data360 and Insights. She delivered on the product plan, hired the design team, and managed feature priority during development, and worked with sales and marketing for PR, customer pitches, and industry presentations. Bino delivered on improving ease of use for TigerGraph products across the company and was responsible for GraphStudio and a suite of developer tools.

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