Swimlane at Black Hat USA 2024

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During Black Hat, see for yourself what great automation can do for your organization and learn about our latest innovations like Low-Code Canvas and Hero AI. Request a 15-minute on-site demo during the event and you’ll receive a free t-shirt.

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Let’s get real about where AI can help SecOps

Thursday, August 8, 2024 – 11:25-12:15 PT

Join our panel interview moderated by Swimlane’s Co-Founder and CSO Cody Cornel. Panelists include Brandon Potter, CTO at ProCircular, Chris Pasiuk, Elastic/Automation & Monitoring Manager from Ecolab, and Swimlane CISO Mike Lyborg.

 During the session, learn key insights:

  • AI’s role in enhancing SecOps processes
  • Best practices to keep people involved
  • Ethical implications of AI in cybersecurity
  • Technical tips for implementing AI-driven automation

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Never Settle for Good Enough Automation

In security operations (SecOps), “good enough” automation just doesn’t cut it. The stakes are high, and settling is not an option.

Swimlane Turbine is the only AI-enabled, low-code security automation platform capable of serving as the system of record for all security operations.


Hero AI

Work faster and more effectively with a groundbreaking collection of AI-enabled innovations that leverage Swimlane’s own large language model (LLM) for private and secure use of GenAI in SecOps workflows.

Low-Code Canvas

Embrace the art of low-code and unleash your inner inventor with the industry’s first and only ultra-simple playbook builder. Use no-code and AI scripting assistants to automate 3x faster.

Security Automation

Swimlane Turbine is the world’s fastest and most scalable security automation platform capable of executing 25 million actions per day, 10 times faster than any other platform, provider, or technology.