Google Acquires Siemplify: Smart Money Bets on Security Automation

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It was recently confirmed that Google is acquiring SOAR provider Siemplify for $500 million. What an amazing benchmark of the value automation has on cybersecurity!

Congratulations to Amos Stern and the entire Siemplify team, and more importantly, kudos to Google for providing fresh proof that organizations around the globe, including the largest and most influential brands on the planet, understand the immense value of bringing security automation to market.

Smart Money Says “Buy” vs “Build” for Security Automation

When a company the size and horsepower of Google makes a one-half billion dollar acquisition for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), it sends a pretty powerful message that highly-effective security automation is not an easy thing to build.

Google is one of the leading engineering companies in the world, with near-infinite resources to develop whatever technology products they want. However, in this case, Google quickly realized the sophistication that security automation embodies and just how difficult it can be to build automation on your own. This was also validated by Palo Alto Networks and their acquisition of Demisto, followed by Splunk’s acquisition of Phantom, two companies that also had the resources to attempt to build automation if they wanted to.

Yet Another Wake Up Call for Security Automation

The security community is just now waking up to the fact that the statically-defined security organization is a recipe for under-performance in and beyond the SOC, and for slow maturity of security operations.

As I wrote about in another blog titled The Security Automation Train is Coming Fast, the “new world order” of security demands the use of automation. With the increasing amount of data being generated and gathered everyday from applications, endpoints and networks, coupled with the current infrastructure explosion and application sprawl to the cloud, we should not be surprised that the billions being spent on cybersecurity are still not enough to prevent breaches, leaks and attacks.

The sooner companies realize that you’re not going to solve this with people alone, the sooner our global defense posture improves from our digital adversaries. This is why automation is the single most important segment of cybersecurity today.

Swimlane Becomes Largest Stand-Alone Security Automation Company

We increasingly see some of the largest brands in the world leverage Swimlane to automate not only their security operations, but every aspect of security to prevent breaches and ensure compliance.

We continue to unlock some of the most valuable product developments customers demand for SOAR and automation beyond the SOC, along with expanding what we have already done with cloud, low-code, and our partnership ecosystem.

Swimlane’s momentum in the market further reinforces the demand for best-in-class, low-code security automation, which has translated into Swimlane becoming the fastest growing SOAR company on the planet. Now, following Google’s acquisition of Siemplify, Swimlane is also the largest stand-alone SOAR provider in the world.

As the top-rated and reviewed SOAR platform, we find ourselves in the driver’s seat to not only benefit from the growing need for security automation, but to define it as part of our vision and continue to lead from the front as the category leader.

Gartner: Create a SOC Target Operating Model to Drive Success

“Security and risk management leaders often struggle to convey the business value of their security operations centers to non security leaders, resulting in reduced investment, poor collaboration and eroding support…” — Access this Gartner SOC Operating Model report – courtesy of Swimlane.

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