Swimlane Senior Engineer, Chau Tran, Named Google Developers Expert

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Since its inception in 2012, the Google Developers Experts (GDE) program has created a network of more than 700 developers worldwide who actively contribute to and support developer and startup ecosystems around the world. I am incredibly proud to share that Swimlane’s own Chau Tran has joined this exclusive community of highly experienced technology experts, influencers and thought leaders.

Chau, a Frontend Engineer at Swimlane since October 2020, has been recognized as a GDE in Angular. As one of only 131 Google Developers Experts in Angular, Chau is also one of only two experts from Vietnam.

To achieve expert status in the GDE program, developers need to be referred by a Google employee or by a Google Developers authorized partner. They must also meet a list of eligibility requirements, which include creating high quality technical content, such as tutorials, code samples or educational books; and mentoring other tech entrepreneurs, startups and developers. Chau was nominated and recently selected for the GDE program due to his ongoing contributions to various open-source projects, blog posts, live streams dedicated to the Angular framework, and his efforts to make the framework more accessible in Vietnam.

To make the Angular framework more accessible to non-English speakers in Vietnam, one of the largest barriers to its adoption in this region, Chau created a YouTube video series in Vietnamese called “Angular 100 Days of Code.” In this series, Chau walks viewers through the Angular framework, providing them with an easy-to-follow guide that makes learning the framework simple.

“The current IT landscape in Vietnam is that Angular is a bloated, slow, and difficult frontend framework. I feel that most of these claims are myths that create doubts for developers who want to get to know Angular but are skeptical,” says Chau. “Angular’s learning curve does start out at a higher point than the other technologies, so by flattening the curve we can make Angular more accessible to more developers. I am grateful to the Google Developers Expert program for this recognition, and look forward to being part of this community of professionals and continuing to contribute to Angular.”

Swimlane has been an aggressive adapter of Angular since the first iterations of Angular, and we are proud of the work that Chau and many others at Swimlane, are doing to help bring this framework to developers around the world. Over the past six months, Chau has helped to improve the performance and usability of Swimlane’s own leading open-source Style and Component library for Angular projects, NGX-UI, and we’re excited to see what he’ll accomplish in the future.

In addition to his contributions at Swimlane and his YouTube series, Chau is also working on various Angular projects, including:

  • Mapper – A library built to solve a deceptively complex problem – getting rid of code that mapped one object to another (this type of code is rather dreary and monotonous to write).

  • Angular-Three – An Angular wrapper for three.js. NGT will allow the developer to use built-in Angular functionality and templates (this functionality is not available in the native library).

  • Tailwind – Allows native support for Tailwind CSS schematics in the Angular CLI. Schematics allow for template-based code generation in a software project.

At Swimlane, we pride ourselves on attracting skilled developers and industry talent, and even more so on providing a workplace where our people can be recognized for their work. We love to give back to the open source community and empower our team to show off their innovations. In many ways, their work along with all other contributors to open source software, has become the invisible backbone of society. I look forward to supporting our team through future open source contributions to the developer community.

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