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Ignite the Future with Swimlane: Highlights from SKO 2024

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Another year has come to an end, and that means another sales kick-off (SKO) event. If you’re not familiar with an SKO, it’s a time to reflect and celebrate the waves of success that propelled an organization to new heights. 2023 was a year of groundbreaking announcements, product innovations, accolades, and internal triumphs for Swimlane. To celebrate this, Swimlaners gathered from every corner of the globe to touch down in Southern California for our biggest internal event of the year.

Join us as we rewind the tape and embark on a recap of Swimlane’s 2023 and the future of 2024. With the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, James Brear, and the introduction of Turbine’s latest cutting-edge features, like Hero AI and Canvas, every moment of 2023 has been a testament to Swimlane’s commitment to cybersecurity excellence. Keep reading to discover the standout moments that defined Swimlane’s journey in 2023, as well as the exciting possibilities for 2024 that were announced during our SKO event.

The Announcement of Turbine’s Latest Features: The Triple Threat of Automation 

The energy during the first day of SKO, coupled with the live press release unveiling Swimlane Turbine’s latest features, was contagious. Swimlane Turbine is revolutionizing security automation with its ability to capture elusive telemetry and expand actionability. The ‘Triple Threat’ is our ability to combine the power of automation, GenAI, and low-code, so anyone can solve the most challenging problems across the entire security organization. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the synergistic blend of Hero AI and Canvas. These new features equip security teams to effortlessly create automation with endless integration options, resulting in significant time and resource efficiencies. 

Turbine Canvas

Turbine Canvas unveils the true power of low-code, shattering the buzzword myth and unveiling it as a powerful tool that democratizes automation for everyone. Turbine Canvas leverages modular and reusable programming components to empower users to build playbooks with an intuitive and ultra-simple visual interface.

Gone are the days of complex code; Turbine Canvas lets SecOps teams craft automation workflows with the ease of drawing a flowchart. Instantly get unprecedented visibility into how all playbooks connect, edit them in one spot, and leverage multiple triggers per playbook for unparalleled control and flexibility. This human-centric approach reimagines how automation is built, favoring clear understanding and collaboration over arcane computer-run logic. 

Hero AI

Hero AI, Swimlane’s collection of AI-enabled innovations, enhances the automation solutions available for the Swimlane Turbine platform. Its potent combination of human and machine intelligence optimizes SecOps workflows and maximizes return on investment, helping analysts work faster and more effectively. Hero AI innovations include:

  • Proprietary and Private LLM: Swimlane customers are understandably wary of sharing their sensitive security information with public large language models (LLMs). With this in mind, many Hero AI innovations use Swimlane’s private LLM. Unlike the experiences with general-purpose LLMs, this ensures that all Turbine solutions can be AI-augmented while all data is kept private and secure.
  • Crafted AI Prompts: Hero AI Crafted Prompts allow users to take control of their AI experience in Turbine. Choose from a range of language models, including Swimlane’s LLM, to leverage generative AI throughout any workflow. 
  • AI Case Summarization: Security analysts can rely on Turbine Hero AI to quickly and seamlessly understand even the most intricate cases, alerts, and intelligence. 
  • Text-to-Code ChatBot: The Swimlane Turbine Text-to-Code ChatBot, powered by OpenAI, is a one-stop scripting assistant. It automatically generates complex scripts, provides Python outputs and test actions directly within Turbine Canvas, enabling analysts to build powerful playbooks with advanced logic in mere seconds.
  • HelpDocs ChatBot: This AI-powered ChatBot is trained on the Turbine Platform documentation and provides immediate support when and where analysts need it. 

These features reinforce the company’s central role in security operations (SecOps), providing the most comprehensive set of capabilities to analyze and respond to telemetry across the entire security organization. Hero AI and Canvas are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about Turbine Canvas, hear from Swimlane CEO James Brear, and witness the power of Swimlane Turbine in the Triple Threat video below, if you don’t believe us. 

Swimlane CISO Recognized as Top 50 CISOs to Watch in 2024

Our very own, Michael Lyborg, Swimlane Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), was named a Top 50 CISO to watch in 2024 by Lacework. Standing alongside notable peers from industry giants like Deloitte, adidas, Fanatics, Zillow, and Bose, Lyborg represents excellence in technical expertise and leadership amid the ever-growing challenges in cybersecurity.

Some additional awards and accolades in 2023 include:

Turbine, Partnerships, and Executive Fireside Chats

To add even more to the thrill of SKO, Swimlaners got a never before seen demo of Turbine’s latest innovations, highlighting Canvas and Hero AI. If you’re looking for your own sneak peek, request a demo with one of our engineers. Check out the Sankey Chart below:

Swimlaners even heard from our Amazon Web Services (AWS) partners. The presentation from AWS emphasized the collaborative efforts aimed at delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions and accelerating the investigation and response process when threats occur in an AWS environment.

To top it all off, Swimlane executives concluded SKO with a fireside chat to share predictions for the upcoming year and what’s on the horizon for 2024. The fireside chat provided an opportunity to hear directly from leadership, to gain valuable insights into the strategic vision that will steer Swimlane in the coming months. For those eager to delve deeper, the live webinar captures the essence of this discussion, offering a firsthand exploration of the C-suite’s perspectives.

Behind The Scenes Video Recap: SKO 2024

Looking for a peak behind the curtain? In an effort to encapsulate the contagious energy, culture, and dynamics behind the people of Swimlane and our SKO event, Swimlane shared a video recap on LinkedIn. This visual journey highlighted key moments, innovations, and the people behind Swimlane’s success. 

Ignite The Future with Swimlane

There’s no better time to join the momentum. If you’re prepared to be a part of the Swimlane family, we’re always on the lookout for exceptional individuals who align with our business structure and culture. Swimlane is poised to continue making waves in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Cheers to a successful 2023, and here’s to the exciting journey that lies ahead in 2024! Come aboard – together, we’re going to the moon!

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