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Nexum® joins the Swimlane Medley Global Partner Program

An ecosystem can be thought of as a network of interconnected systems including customers, technology and service providers, that work together through mutual interactions to create implicit value. Ecosystems deliver value by way of innovation, faster response to emerging market trends, and reduce risk for customers thanks to vendor diversification and expertise.

In pursuit of creating an ecosystem that delivers customer-centric value and innovative solutions, we launched the Swimlane Medley Global Partner Program in October 2021. Today, we are excited to announce a security automation partnership with Nexum, a leader in networking and cybersecurity solutions joins partners like Elastic, Guidepoint, Optiv, and Pareto Cyber, in the Medley Global Partner Program.

2022, the year of the relationship

While 2021 turned out to be the year of the failed return to normal, Forrester predicts that 2022 will be the year of the relationship. They anticipate that collaborative relationships between security, privacy and risk leaders will be paramount as they all juggle more competing priorities than ever before. My prediction is that 2022 will also be the year for the security vendor relationship. We will see best-of-breed vendors come together to deliver solutions that harness the power of industry best practices, and reduce risk for shared customers – that’s exactly what Swimlane and Nexum will do together.

Low-code security automation ecosystems unlock the potential to unite security, privacy, and risk workflows. This will enable leaders to jointly solve the cybersecurity industry’s toughest challenges like the skills shortage, ensuring continuous compliance, 3rd party risk, managing complex security processes, and much more. Together, the Swimlane low-code automation platform and Nexum’s established base of industry-leading solutions providers offer a full range of solutions for automating security processes inside and beyond the security operations center (SOC).

“We’ve experienced continued growth, basing our success on our world-class engineers and integrated solutions. It’s also critical that we build our ecosystem of best-of-breed partners with the best the industry has to offer,” said David J. Lesser, Founder and CEO of Nexum. “Security automation is front and center for our customers today, and we are thrilled to now include Swimlane’s low-code automation platform within our ecosystem.”

Medley Partner Program’s Global Momentum

In addition to adding new partners like Nexum, the Medley Partner Program is continuing to mature relationships with founding partnerships such as Elastic and expanding investments in global markets. The program’s global value is recognized by Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) managed service provider (MSP) partner, Softcat, who has realized 30% business growth and success retaining security talent through our partnership.

In the first two months of 2022, Medley Partner Program continues its global expansion with new partners onboarding in Latin America (LATAM) region. Notable new business partners in LATAM include 2 Secure (Colombia), Disruptec (Brazil), Trust Dimensions Monterrey (Mexico), and Softron (Argentina). To learn more about how to become a Swimlane partner visit swimlane.com/partner

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