Security operations strategy webinar | SOAPA and SAO: Adapting SecOps strategies to keep up with today’s cyberthreats

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In a world full of ever-evolving cyber threats, organizations must use robust security tools to protect themselves. The constantly changing threat landscape makes this challenging, as every new tool for responding to threats can overwhelm already overworked security teams. Integrating all of the tools and capabilities available is the key to defending your organization.

It is critical that organizations use robust security tools to protect themselves from ever evolving cyber threats.

We have partnered with the global IT research firm ESG to present a new security operations strategy (SecOps) webinar about how organizations can utilize the security operations and analytics platform architecture (SOAPA) together with security automation and orchestration (SAO).

What are SAO and SOAPA?

SAO: Security automation and orchestration

Security automation and orchestration, or SAO, is a term that gets tossed around a lot in cybersecurity, but what exactly is it?

Security automation is the use of automatic systems to detect and prevent cyber threats while security orchestration brings together the tools and systems you already have and makes them work together and provide integrated contextual information.

SAO helps centralize and optimize SecOps to prevent attacks in the present and prepare for new threats in the future. Using these tools, organizations no longer have to rely on the risky methodology of deciding which alerts to investigate and can instead respond to every alert.

SOAPA: Security operations and analytics platform architecture

Security operations and analytics platform architecture, or SOAPA, is generally regarded as an evolution of security information and event management (SIEM). While some may say SOAPA is replacing SIEM systems, ESG argues that “enterprise security operations and analytics requirements are forcing rapid consolidation.” In other words, SIEM is not getting replaced but rather absorbed into a larger aggregation of security analytics and data.

Essentially, SOAPA is the overarching and dynamic architecture that integrates all of your security solutions. This makes it easier for security analysts to quickly switch between tools to easily find the data they need right when they need it.

SOAPA is the overarching and dynamic architecture that brings together all of your security solutions.

Working together: SAO and SOAPA

Both of these solutions provide organizations with the tools they need to defend and investigate current threats, while also providing the additional threat intelligence necessary to stay up-to-date on the evolving threat landscape. To truly understand how these advanced solutions can benefit your organization, register for our upcoming webinar on November 8th: SOAPA and SAO: Adapting SecOps Strategies to Keep Up with Today’s Cyber Threats.

In addition to explaining the benefits of SAO and SOAPA, Swimlane Co-Founder and CEO, Cody Cornell, and ESG Senior Principal Analyst, Jon Oltsik will also cover:

  • Ways to improve SecOps effectiveness
  • The keys to reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Optimizing security infrastructure efficacy
  • How to leverage security-specific key performance indicators (KPIs)

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