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The security operations center (SOC) of today typically has a vast ecosystem of disparate people, processes and technologies. Not only does Swimlane’s security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform integrate these varying security tools, but we also boast a global network of partners that address the entire spectrum of your security and service needs.

At Swimlane, we’re building an ecosystem of trust and mutual success with our partners. From managed security service providers (MSSPs) to technology service providers, we are collaborating to help organizations bolster their security infrastructure, reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and increase the efficacy of incident response process. Because no individual tool does it all, and today’s highly sophisticated threats require an integrated approach, each separate partner plays a role in a comprehensive, robust and integrated security ecosystem.

Security Operations Center Partnerships

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Across industries, security teams are duplicating their valuable time and effort while employing a myriad of resources to complete similar investigations, workflows and threat responses. But with an anticipated global shortfall of 3.5 million security jobs by 2021, companies can’t continue these siloed operations.

Already, numerous organizations have investigation teams who agree to collaborate, leveraging their combined skills and expertise to increase the effectiveness of their collective SOCs. Armed with the tools and techniques necessary to prevent breaches and search for other threats while bolstering the security industry as a whole, one team does an in-depth investigation, hunt or mitigation, and they are then able to share that process—in real time—with another organization.

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Instead of simply sharing information about indicators of compromise (IOCs), we should be sharing our techniques for detecting potential malicious behavior. Because collaboration empowers collaborative SOCs to optimize protection from breaches by elevating threat hunting abilities, working together raises the barrier to entry and gives us a chance to stay ahead of the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Collaboration is the future of security, and it’s the reason we strive to develop a robust partner ecosystem.

Keeping Your SOC Dynamic

Bad actors are never sitting still, waiting for a vulnerability to reveal itself. Instead, today’s threat landscape is constantly evolving and changing as cybercriminals seek new ways to access sensitive information. This shifting landscape ensures that it’s impossible for one single vendor to have all of the answers and solutions.

Consequently, we are constantly integrating with partners that deliver best-in-class solutions to address specific spheres (i.e., endpoint security, network security, IAM, etc.) with solutions that are right for our clients’ business priorities and threat posture. To better collaborate with our partners, it’s important that we remain dynamic, allowing security operations to transition from a static, predictable effort to a constantly evolving and changing one.

This dynamic framework allows security architects and SOC managers to better manage evolving threat situations and cybercrime trends to have a better chance to identify, detect and minimize loss if a breach occurs.

For example, McAfee selected Swimlane to integrate with its SOC, allowing customers using McAfee products to automatically initiate and execute incident response workflows in response to any alarm. By importing security event data from McAfee products into Swimlane, our platform delivers consolidated event details from multiple platforms for rapid investigation and alarm triage in a single, dynamic case management view. This partnership ensures faster incident response and a greater return on investment from the entire security infrastructure. McAfee ultimately selected our SOAR platform for its flexibility, speed, ease-of-use and for its ability to seamlessly integrate and operate within McAfee’s SOC.

In the end, we’re trusted by the world’s leading organizations, and our partners are proof of our strength. We strive to be dynamic, flexible and easy to work with, aligning with our partner ecosystem to ensure we’re doing all we can to help customers succeed. While, at Swimlane, we’re solely focused on security automation and orchestration, it’s our shared vision and partner relationships that bring that vision to life.

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