Solving MSSP challenges with SOAR

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The move to remote working and the increased threats caused by Covid-19 certainly have organizations and IT service providers, including Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP), rethinking remote services. The demand for external security services has never been higher. In fact, a recent SANS survey found that 22% of organizations plan to increase their usage of MSSPs over the next year. Given this growing demand, it’s critical for MSSPs to scale and deliver unique service-level agreements (SLAs). Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions can help service providers meet this demand.

Challenges facing MSSPs

In addition to the increased demand are the everyday challenges MSSPs face, including the cybersecurity skills shortages, huge data volumes, data aggregation, disparate toolsets, case management and custom client reporting. MSSPs deal with these challenges on a scale that is hard to imagine—unless you’ve worked in that environment.

Security analysts at an MSSP must simultaneously support multiple customers—each with their own security tools, processes and SLAs. Fun! The task switching and tool toggling can be extremely disruptive and tedious for your security analysts without automation, orchestration and collaboration.

Operational standardization is critical for MSSPs. While security practitioners hate to be painted into a box, they also know that competing businesses are constantly innovating. Leveraging technology to standardize and streamline the repetitive, high-volume, manual tasks that consume a security operations team results in more time for innovative and competitive projects. It’s a simple equation: automation drives more efficiency, allowing for more customers and more use cases with potentially fewer staff which means more profitability. The automation of MSSP activities is a win-win for MSSPs and their customers alike. MSSPs are able to take on and manage more clients while reducing operating costs, and providing an improved level of service. MSSPs win, customers win, and the world is a more secure place.

Swimlane provides numerous use cases enabling MSSPs to drive efficiency and create new revenue streams. A few examples include:

Common MSSP use cases include:

Revenue stream use cases include:

Swimlane has years of experience working with MSSP partners. Our solution scales easily and integrates with your existing SIEM and hundreds of other security tools without the need for custom coding or proprietary connectors. Our platform features a highly scalable, multi-tenant architecture. Separate customer workspaces for workflows, dashboards, reports, etc. ensures that customer data is separated. Workflows are completely customizable, ensuring your team can work in a manner they are familiar with versus adapting to a vendor’s prescribed playbooks.

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Webinar: How MSSPs Can SOAR Beyond Alerts (40:25)

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