Dragos & Swimlane Partnership for OT Security Automation

Improve threat detection and response across IT and operational technology (OT) environments.

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Strategic Partnership Overview

Swimlane and Dragos have partnered to help security operations (SecOps) teams working in OT environments reduce risk more efficiently by integrating and automating vulnerability management, threat detection, and incident response processes. This integrated solution offers centralized case management, automated ticketing, and vulnerability management solutions for OT SOC teams.

The Key Benefits

  • Reduce mean time to respond and recover with a more efficient security operations workflow from initial threat detection through response.
  • Mitigate alert fatigue through intelligence-driven methods, leveraging comprehensive IT and OT threat intelligence.
  • Enhance internal team expertise and IT/OT collaboration by training industrial cybersecurity teams.
  • Ensure continuity of critical infrastructures by reducing risk through strategic cybersecurity measures.
  • Facilitate compliance efforts utilizing a common controls framework to ensure regulatory alignment.

The Key Innovations

Centralized Case Management

The integration provides a unified view of IT/OT assets, enabling analysts to focus on strategic decision-making instead of manual data collection.

Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboards are populated by self-documenting playbooks to provide security teams with visual models to see organization-wide OT asset risk levels easily.

Swimlane Turbine Canvas

Turbine Canvas is a low-code automation studio that allows OT experts to easily build custom playbooks. It leverages modular, reusable components to enhance Dragos’ playbooks.

Native IOC Correlation

Native correlation allows analysts to review past cases with similar IOCs, offering insights into triage methods and aiding in identifying persistent threats over time.

The Swimlane and Dragos integration allows industrial organizations to speed detection and recovery from cyber threats. The integration pairs the Dragos Platform’s ability to identify and guide remediation for threat behaviors in OT with Swimlane’s automation across IT and OT environments. With accelerated mean time to recovery, responders can be more efficient and ultimately strengthen their security posture.

Matt Cowell
Global VP of Business Development