Case Management Improves Incident Response

Robust case management is a critical component of any effective security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform. It enriches data and facilitates process compliance in order to speed up decision making during investigations.

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reduction in MTTD and MTTR



SecOps cut critical Mean Times after Security Orchestration and Response is deployed.

great actionability



SecOps increase exponential growth in security actionability

of alerts are missed



without SOAR the SOCs can be overwhelmed by the proliferation of alerts

Real-time Data Analysis and Enrichment 

Dynamically analyze and interact with data and other critical components of your incident response process. With Swimlane Turbine, in just one click you can trigger an array of correlated actions or initiate a search using your SIEM or EDR platform.

Enforce Process Standards and Compliance

Whether your incident response process is simple or resembles a complex web of siloed platforms and actions, Turbine can automate it. Workflow-driven case management ensures that you’ll always have the right data, at the right time so you can execute the correct response processes quickly.

Remediate Security Alerts at Machine Speed

Gain immediate visibility into all relevant event details and fully automate the correct remediation action in just one click. This capability results in dynamic defense that can easily be adapted to an infinite number of use cases.

Dynamic Case Management Demo

Watch this 4-minute demo video to see how effective case management helps to reduce the time, complexity and cost associated with handling incidents.

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