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Life in the Swimlane with Security Solution Architect, Joshua Roback

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Welcome to the “Life in the Swimlane” blog series. Here we will feature interviews with Swimlaners to learn more about their experience. This series will give you a preview of Swimlane, our culture, and the people who keep us going.

My name is Joshua Roback and while I’m originally from sunny South Florida, 6 years ago I moved to The Netherlands with my wife and 2 children. After spending two years in the amazing city of Amsterdam, I bought a home in the picturesque nearby city of Haarlem. I’ve worked at Swimlane since June 2023, but had been a Swimlane customer long before that. As a security solution architect, my role allows me to dive head first into multiple areas of the business. In my short time at Swimlane, I’ve already contributed to the design of our solutions which are available in the marketplace, interacted directly with customers, and drove new product features. It requires a wide range of experience and autonomy, which has always been a great fit for me.

What do you enjoy most about working at Swimlane?

Swimlane is hyper collaborative and team oriented. The enthusiasm around our product and how it can solve challenges both inside and outside of security is contagious.

What excites you most about your work? 

When I joined Swimlane, my primary objective was to find ways to make an impact. I can say without question that I’ve been able to make an impact by influencing our product direction in a number of different areas, ranging from content to core feature design.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

When I’m not working, I like to stay active.  Hiking, rock climbing, yoga, cycling, traveling and running are just a few of my passions.  I’ve also started learning piano, which has been incredibly rewarding and incredibly frustrating at the same time. My kids are just now reaching prime board game age so we’ve been building our collection over the last year. Following pro sports is my guilty pleasure (let’s go Heat).

What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I’ve had the opportunity to live and work in the USA, China, England and the Netherlands.  I like to think that all of those diverse experiences have made me the open minded, humble, and accepting person that I am today.

Your motto or personal mantra:

Whether you run quickly or quickly run out of breath, what matters is that you make the effort to move.

Learn what gives you energy and what drains your energy, and balance your life accordingly.

Three words that best describe you:

Optimistic, Solution-Focused, Wide-Ranging.

What Swimlane core value resonates with you the most?

“Have honesty and integrity in ‘all the things’” would be my choice.  I believe strongly in acting with integrity in both work and personal life.   

What type of impact do you want to leave on our industry?

Our industry is evolving so quickly, especially in the security orchestration space.  I hope to leave our industry with a central pane of glass platform that serves as the brain and beating heart of an entire security program.  I’m driven to take this vision across the goal line in support of all my fellow security practitioners.

Life in the Swimlane

Swimlane is a rapidly growing, innovative startup in the Denver metro area with a passionate team focused on improving the lives of security practitioners through security automation and orchestration. We’re always looking for dedicated, ambitious problem solvers who thrive in a fast-paced work environment to join our team.

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