Meet Swimlane Turbine, The Future of Security Automation

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What you need to know about Swimlane’s new low-code security automation platform

The future is not a place we’re going, but one we’re creating. Swimlane Turbine is a security automation platform that leverages low-code to make it both approachable and scalable, while also securely integrating data from any source. Ingest data from hard-to-reach sources easily integrate anything, and turn anyone on your team into automators.

Before we talk about how Turbine is different from other security automation solutions, it’s important to first identify the pain points today’s security professionals face:

  • The global security staffing shortage
  • Complex security environments and processes
  • A constantly growing attack surface
  • Showing the business value of security

To solve these top problems, security companies have created a range of software with countless different acronyms in an effort to make security easier – SIEM, SOAR, EDR, and XDR to name a few. The problem is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all security solution. Some tools focus on expanding threat detection, some on collecting data, and others on identifying high-fidelity alerts.

What’s actually missing is a tool that helps security leaders respond to threats the instant they occur – not after detection, data aggregation, and manual response. That’s where low-code security automation comes in. 

Here are four ways Turbine is advancing security automation.

Action at the Point of Inception

Security leaders need a solution that can ingest much larger and more diverse data sets to stay ahead of complex security environments. Why? Modern infrastructure has a variety of data streams to account for: webhooks, poll requests, pub/sub, file creation, SMS messages, email messages, and IoT. It’s nearly impossible to manually filter data fast enough to respond to alerts fast enough. That’s why Turbine’s Active Sensing Fabric listens across the security ecosystem, taking immediate action directly at the source.

Active Sensing Fabric

Turbine’s Active Sensing Fabric expands upon legacy SOAR platforms to speed up detection by analyzing big data from your broader enterprise environment, not just SIEM. This approach helps your team respond to alerts faster so you can prevent breaches, improve MTTR, and reduce dwell time on threats.

Powerful Pre-processing and Inline Enrichment

Turbine executes on thousands of concurrent data-driven automations while leveraging your organization’s unique business logic and processes. Reduce data overload with custom data filtering, pre-processing, and deduplication.

Dynamic Remote Agents

Turbine’s remote agents are dynamic sensors that allow the intelligent collection of hard-to-reach telemetry sources. The secure architecture makes it easy to connect Turbine to internal applications and systems without spending time configuring complicated networks or multiple VPNs.

Flexible Webhooks

Webhooks enable real-time communication between products, vendors, and services, and can be plugged directly into the playbook building experience within seconds. There are flexible authentication options to accommodate a variety of capabilities found in third-party applications.

Integrate Anything

Organizations of all industries and sizes increasingly need to unify complex environments by connecting with tools that are typically siloed from a security perspective, like cloud, internet of things (IoT), and edge computing. Some automation platforms have limited integrations, making cross-communication a nightmare to enable and maintain. With Turbine, integrations are so simple that anyone can become an automator.

Autonomous Integrations

Unlike XDR closed ecosystems, Turbine’s Autonomous Integrations connect to any API, so telemetry sources aren’t limited.

Turbine Connectors

Turbine connectors make it easy for security teams to reliably connect to any API in their application environment and apply business logic to playbook execution. Even better, connectors are hosted in a new marketplace that is accessible to all Swimlane customers.

Democratized Automation

Legacy security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) products have earned a reputation of being rigid and unapproachable for the average security professional. Swimlane Turbine builds upon the power of traditional SOAR by adding flexible, scalable low-code automation.

Adaptable Playbooks

Swimlane Turbine’s Adaptable Playbooks enable anyone in the security organization, even those without coding knowledge, to build effective automations that improve the ROI of their security programs. Empower domain experts to be citizen automators.

Codeless Conditions

Turbine offers a user experience that is easy to adapt and maintain. It codifies business logic and best practices on the backend so that customers can build playbooks by simple drag-and-drop actions.

Human-readable Playbook Editor

Turbine’s intelligent playbooks editor allows customers to easily create effective playbooks without having to first learn all of their architecture intricacies or struggle with ordering data. It simplifies the experience by using assets as predefined configurations to standardize and accelerate how they authenticate or send data to other systems.

A System of Record for Security

Swimlane Turbine brings together machine and human data from Active Sensing Fabric, Autonomous Integrations, and Adaptable Playbooks to serve as the system of record for security.

Actionable Intelligence for Security Teams

Security is one of the business functions that lacks a centralized management hub. SIEM may offer a solution for big data analytics, compliance, and audit purposes, but it is not sufficient for actionable intelligence. Turbine provides such insights, along with KPI metrics like mean time to detect (MTTD), mean time to respond (MTTR), and MITRE ATTACK framework benchmarks through case management, dashboard, and reporting features.

Dynamic Case Management

Turbine is a case management platform that enriches incident data in real-time so that analysts can spend time making decisions instead of gathering manual information. This helps to enforce security standards and compliance, all with a single click.

Low-Code Dashboards

Turbine’s dashboards leverage self-documenting playbooks to make it easy for security professionals of all levels to understand the effectiveness of their security operations. These come out-of-the-box with built-in SOC dashboards so leaders can easily identify and fix their most pressing issues.

Point-in-Time Reporting

Turbine’s low-code visualization studio lets you build custom, scheduled reports that inform the CISO or other stakeholders about security operations. When critical situations occur, Turbine can create real-time reports with detailed insights pinpointing problematic areas so that you can develop a counter-strategy.

Low-code security automation is a vital tool to add to your organization’s infrastructure. Security teams of all sizes will benefit from scalable, adaptable automation that secures and manages their SOC environment. Turbine helps organizations quickly automate repetitive, mundane tasks, stop threats faster, and reduce security risk.

The future of security automation has arrived.

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