Recorded Future and Swimlane Deliver Intelligent Security Automation

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The scope of responsibility for security teams has never been greater, and every day security teams are asked to do a seemingly impossible task: Be ever vigilant in processing a deluge of data from their environment, and simultaneously be learning and monitoring what is happening outside their environment to be ready for what might come tomorrow.

Providing SecOps teams the right intelligence at the right time, and the ability to action that intelligence, can make all the difference in stopping threats before damage is done. This is why I’m excited to announce that Swimlane has launched an updated integration and is now a member of the Global Technology Alliance Program at Recorded Future.

Recorded Future, the world’s largest provider of intelligence for enterprise security, combines automated data collection and analytics with human analysis to deliver intelligence that’s timely, accurate, and actionable. The integration between Recorded Future and. Swimlane’s SOAR platform has helped many of the world’s leading security teams improve their ability to rapidly identify and mitigate security threats. The expanded integration, with vulnerability intelligence capabilities, now provides joint customers with three new capabilities:

  1. Rapid Connectors – Swimlane’s extensive integration fabric enables organizations to extend Recorded Future’s intelligence deeper and more broadly into their infrastructure, ensuring timely and accurate intelligence across security workloads. Leveraging hundreds of integrations in security, ITOps, DevOps, and across the enterprise, Rapid Connectors ensure you have the right intelligence in the right place at the right time.
  2. Intelligence-Driven Threat Hunting and Validation – Recorded Future’s dynamic, real-time intelligence can be leveraged against all solutions integrated with Swimlane to perform ongoing searches for indicators of compromise and threat actor activity in each customer’s infrastructure.
  3. Threat Composite Scoring – Recorded Future’s intelligence, coupled with Swimlane’s security operations historical data and contextual security information, improve intelligence scoring, automation, and response.
Intel Drive Continuous Hunting
Unique Joint Offering

Stuart Soloman, COO Recorded Future, has said that working with Swimlane brings to market new, unique capabilities to help teams mature their ability to better respond to modern security threats. According to Stuart, “The powerful combination of Recorded Future’s best-in-class threat intelligence and Swimlane’s near endless security automation use cases provides joint customers the ability to quickly and easily automate responses to threats.”

We couldn’t agree more. Swimlane and Recorded Future arm organizations with the ability to continuously threat hunt in their environments with the latest security intelligence and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). With organizational-specific context, SecOps teams can curate, manage, and optimize their use of threat intelligence while deploying contemporary threat intelligence in real time for security posture improvements. Additionally, teams can rapidly respond to credential compromises and proactively prevent fraud attempts.

The combination of timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence coupled with the Swimlane extensible automation engine, enables teams to extend an expansive set of intelligence into every nook and cranny of the enterprise. Gone are the days of simply searching for indicators in your SIEM or EDR. Modern teams are looking at intelligence as a cornerstone to inform every aspect of their security operations and infrastructure.

The modern security ops team is constantly being challenged to be rapidly responsive, proactively vigilant, and cool under pressure. As the expectations only rise for teams, they need any advantage they can get and an intelligence-driven automation system is now a force multiplier available to teams doing everything in their power to disrupt adversaries and protect organizations. Together, the integration of Recorded Future intelligence and the Swimlane security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform unlock a unique ability to be proactive and hyper-vigilant.

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