Introducing Swimlane

Swimlane's Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Platform

Swimlane’s SOAR platform helps organizations manage the growing volume of alerts more efficiently by automating time-consuming incident response processes. The solution collects security alert data from virtually any security platform with minimal effort and then automatically responds to alerts using automated workflows and playbooks.

Swimlane Management Dashboard 3.1

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Swimlane's easy-to-configure SOAR platform equips security teams with machine-speed analysis and response throughout the entire incident response process. Learn more about some of Swimlane's key features and capabilities with this interactive walkthrough.

Sl 3 1 Management Dashboard

Security Operations Center (SOC) Intelligence

Swimlane delivers extensive SOC intelligence and greater visibility into the efficacy, capacity and value of an organization’s security operations investment. The platform provides deep insight into the specific variables that impact productivity, efficiency and morale through powerful and easily configured key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, reports and visual analytics. Security teams can use flexible reporting and visualization capabilities to report on virtually any relevant SOC metric, including cases in progress, alert levels, threat intelligence and more.

Consolidating your security toolset to power automation

If you would like to see our some of our most common pre-configured integrations or to speak with us about developing an integration for your security platform, please visit our integrations page.