Swimlane Named Most Innovative Security Investigation Platform in 2021 CDM Global Infosec Awards

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This week, Cyber Defense Magazine announced the winners of their 2021 Global Infosec Awards, focusing on companies with the potential to stop breaches in a new and innovative way. Swimlane is proud to share that we have been recognized as the “Most Innovative” winner for the Security Investigation Platform category.

Swimlane is acutely focused on improving the automation piece of today’s SOAR solutions, and stands out in the market for enabling organizations to automate the vast majority of security investigation steps. During a time when businesses are facing an unprecedented rate of digital business transformation, Swimlane’s security automation platform provides a flexible, central workbench that enables teams to automate any task or process with speed and accuracy. The platform acts as a force multiplier, significantly increasing the impact and productivity of security teams to ensure security operations are managed quickly, efficiently and effectively.

How the Swimlane security automation platform improves security investigations

Alerts or detections come in many forms—some are good, and some are not—and security operations center (SOC) analysts are responsible for the investigation into these anomalies. However, large organizations handle between 10,000 and 150,000 security alerts per day and simply don’t have the resources to investigate this overwhelming number of threats. Manual and sub-optimal security investigation processes inevitably lead to overworked staff and an organization that’s still susceptible to security threats.

Swimlane improves security investigations by automating security data collection from disparate tools and provides a centralized repository for all evidence. Integrated case management then provides immediate, intuitive access to all forensic detail necessary to conduct an investigation, allowing security teams to spend more time analyzing and less time performing admin functions. By automating as much as 80-90% of the incident response process, Swimlane enables security teams to address the high volume of alerts faster, without needing additional resources. The remaining tasks that then need human intervention benefit from enhanced contextual information and improved workflow consistency.

Additionally, threat Intelligence feeds are constantly evolving to accommodate new and updated indicators of compromise (IOCs), but ensuring accurate validation of security alarms requires continuously checking them against up-to-date IOCs to ensure that they are real. Swimlane automates the lookup of IOCs from all threat intelligence platforms, ensuring that security teams are leveraging the most current threat intelligence data at all times. This enables them to respond faster to real threats, drastically minimizing risk.

The Swimlane Difference

It has been an exciting first half of 2021 for Swimlane, including our recent partnership announcement with Elastic. Our team also expanded operations in EMEA, APAC, and announced $40 million in new financing at the beginning of the year. This award is a testament to our dedication to making the lives of global security teams easier.

It is hard to believe we are not all together with our industry colleagues in person at the 2021 RSA Conference, but we are enjoying following along this week’s virtual events. We look forward to the next big event we will all participate in!

In the meantime, we would be happy to connect with you virtually. To learn more about our near endless automation use cases, request a Swimlane demo here.

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