Oct 25, 2022

TAG Cyber Study of Security Automation Reveals 240% ROI for Organizations

Independent study finds Swimlane Turbine customers experience benefits beyond legacy SOAR solutions

BOULDER, Colo. – October 25, 2022 – Swimlane, the low-code security automation company, today announced findings from a newly published analysis of the Swimlane Turbine platform conducted by TAG Cyber. The “Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis of Swimlane Security Automation” revealed that large enterprises using Swimlane Turbine realize a 240% return on investment (ROI) in the first year of using the platform, the greatest ROI of any security automation solution available on the market today.

Earlier this year, Swimlane introduced Swimlane Turbine – a breakthrough security automation platform that captures hard-to-reach telemetry and expands actionability beyond closed extended detection and response (XDR) ecosystems. Turbine’s approach to low-code security automation is both approachable enough for those with no coding experience and sophisticated enough to satisfy the world’s most demanding security teams.

The TAG Cyber ROI methodology follows an equation-based approach where the investment and the quantified returns are normalized into a common financial basis. According to the analysis, enterprise security teams that deploy Swimlane Turbine for security automation find that, unlike legacy security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) tools, the platform is not dependent on developer resources or underlying infrastructure for its support and management. This enables security teams who use Turbine to extend security automation beyond security operations center (SOC) use cases and increase ROI by delivering value to the broader security organization.

Organizations using the Swimlane Turbine automation platform see cost reduction and benefits in four key areas:

  • Staff Salary Savings – Swimlane Turbine reduces the need for additional new team members that support the SOC or other security functions beyond the SOC.
  • Staff Support Savings – Swimlane Turbine helps reduce the support costs that come with having larger security teams that demand costly training, tools and other services.
  • Tool Savings – Through Swimlane’s low-code security automation, security teams require fewer support tools that may be disjointed and overlapping to address security alerts.
  • Response Cost Savings – Swimlane Turbine reduces incident response costs that occur by lowering the likelihood of incidents via low-code automation.

“Today’s security teams are facing broad and multifaceted threats that continue to evolve into uncharted territories,” said Edward Amoroso, founder and CEO, TAG Cyber. “Compounded with the ongoing cybersecurity talent shortage, security teams are left overburdened with complex security environments due to siloed tools, teams, and processes. It’s clear that security automation tools like Swimlane Turbine represent a great path forward to easing the burden on security teams so they can focus on high-level threats, while also demonstrating value in security investments.”

The report highlights two specific use cases of organizations deploying Swimlane Turbine. A mid-sized retail company running a mid-sized SOC saw a 160% ROI by investing in low-code security automation. Additionally, a large financial services company running a larger SOC saw a 240% ROI by investing in Turbine.

“Cybersecurity is having a material impact on businesses and their bottom line today due to an overwhelming amount of security data that must be processed across the organization and an overall lack of available security expertise,” said Cody Cornell, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Swimlane. “Our platform allows customers to extend their visibility and actionability for security operations in order to take better advantage of investments made in security automation. Turbine offers customers a system of record for security operations with the ability to enable automation inside and outside the SOC, and with our low-code approach to automation, customers can unlock new use cases previously not possible with traditional SOAR.”

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Swimlane is the leader in low-code security automation. The Swimlane Turbine platform unifies security operations in-and-beyond the SOC into a single system of record that helps reduce process and data fatigue, while helping security leaders overcome chronic staffing shortages and more easily quantify business value and the efficacy of security operations. Learn more at swimlane.com.

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