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Swimlane provides valuable operational KPIs to security executives, delivering critical insights into how people, processes and technologies are performing. With security orchestration and automation, teams have comprehensive and deep visibility into the efficacy, capacity and value of the organization’s security operations investment.

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Director or Manager

Swimlane provides detailed data to SOC managers so they can better understand how their teams are performing and where they can improve. Our security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform delivers dynamic and adaptable case management with extensive reporting and visualization so managers and directors can continuously monitor, track and report on specific SOC activities and overall effectiveness.

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Security Analyst

Swimlane enables analysts to remediate security alerts faster by integrating security tools and automating time-consuming manual tasks and incident response workflows. This accelerates response times and lets analysts focus on the high-value security activities to make better use of their expertise. Security analysts now can get back to doing what they truly enjoy—finding ways to proactively hunt and protect their organizations.

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Security Engineer

Swimlane simplifies the process for security engineers to integrate their company’s entire arsenal of security tools and related infrastructure. It is designed so they can rapidly build use case-oriented applications and powerful incident response workflows by delivering administrative functions with end user usability. An API-centric architecture, built with ease of use and flexibility in mind, allows engineers to rapidly adapt Swimlane to meet their unique requirements with minimal effort, rather than requiring them to change their processes to fit platform restrictions.

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Swimlane's Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Platform

Learn how Swimlane empowers security operations teams with machine-speed decision making throughout the entire incident response process.


Why Organizations Choose Swimlane

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Smarter Systems

Security Orchestration

Swimlane integrates all of an organization's security tools and related infrastructure with its existing people and processes to orchestrate faster, more effective incident response and threat management. This helps the organization accelerate and streamline incident response processes by centralizing all relevant event data in one platform and automating standardized workflows.

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Automate your alerts

Playbook & Workflow Automation

Swimlane manages and automates the tasks associated with responding to security alerts and incidents. This enables security teams to replace slow, manual and repetitive activities with machine-speed decision making and remediation.

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Accelerate your arsenal

Adaptable, Dynamic Case Management

Swimlane tracks all enterprise security tasks and provides centralized access to manage cases, reports, dashboards and metrics for individuals and teams. Within a single, adaptable interface, analysts can dynamically interact with all data and components related to an incident.

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Greater Insight

Security Operations Center (SOC) Intelligence

Swimlane delivers greater visibility into the performance, capacity and value of an organization's SecOps investment. The platform provides insight into the security team's productivity and efficacy with easily customized dashboards, granular reporting and extensive visualization capabilities.