Swimlane Announces Partnership with Pareto Cyber to Automate Critical Elements of Proactive Cyber Defense

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What You Need to Know About Swimlane’s New Low-code Security Automation Platform

DENVER – Dec. 28, 2020 — Swimlane, a leading independent provider of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions, today announced a partnership with Pareto Cyber, an end-to-end service provider of proactive and scalable cybersecurity programs. Together, Swimlane and Pareto Cyber are reducing IT Operations overhead associated with a typical SOC by automating historically manual actions.

Pareto Cyber offers a variety of services and security assessments, including Cyber Advisory Programs, Transformation Services, Managed Security Services and a Managed Cyber Program. By focusing on an organization’s unique needs, Pareto Cyber helps companies develop scalable and forward-thinking programs that provide protection against evolving risk landscapes. With automation capabilities derived from Swimlane’s platform, Pareto Cyber is bringing new services to current and future customers, including SOAR-as-a-Service, robotic SOC analysis and automated cyber hygiene.

“Understanding an organization’s unique business risk is key to developing a cybersecurity strategy, and Pareto Cyber excels at helping customers build programs that improve their cyber prevention and detection,” said Chris Stimmel, SVP of Product and Technology at Swimlane. “Swimlane’s platform provides automation for endless use cases, and we are pleased to partner with Pareto Cyber to extend the reach of automation to better protect organizations from threats. There are great benefits when the wider security industry’s defenses are also fortified, and that is what we want our automation to accomplish.”

A single data breach can cause significant financial loss, operational disruption, loss of intellectual property, and damage company reputation. Pareto Cyber enables a proactive, tailored, and holistic cyber defense strategy that optimizes existing defenses, establishes strong security best practices, maximizes current investments, enables secure business growth, and of course, keeps data safe. Swimlane’s leading SOAR platform adapts to any organization’s processes and workflows, and empowers security operations teams with faster decision making by managing and automating the tasks associated with responding to security alerts and incidents.

“By leveraging Swimlane to power our Cyber Hygiene and SOC services, Pareto Cyber is able to automate routine tasks to focus on improving our clients’ security posture,” said Chad Hayden, Co-Founder and CSO, Pareto Cyber. “Additionally, we are able to use Swimlane to help accelerate automation strategies through their security budgets. Overall, we are excited to have a true partner with the Swimlane team.”

This partnership, alongside Swimlane’s recent integrations with Stellar Cyber and McAfee, is the latest example of Swimlane’s efforts to bring automation capabilities to the broader security industry.

For more information about Swimlane, please visit www.swimlane.com.

About Swimlane

Swimlane is the leader in low-code security automation. The Swimlane Turbine platform unifies security operations in-and-beyond the SOC into a single system of record that helps reduce process and data fatigue, while helping security leaders overcome chronic staffing shortages and more easily quantify business value and the efficacy of security operations. Learn more at swimlane.com.

About Pareto Cyber

Pareto Cyber’s mission is to proactively manage risk through an optimized and efficient Cyber Program. Pareto Cyber was founded to change how organizations protect against and respond to cyber threats, an evolution from the traditional MSSP model of detection and alert fatigue. Pareto’s ability to act and remediate across our customers technology stack sets us apart. We believe IT ops is a critical component to securing an organization and our outcome-based approach aligns with the mission of business enablement. For more information, please visit www.paretocyber.com

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