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A podcast breaking down SOAR and Swimlane

Managing the volume of security alerts and an ever-growing, but necessary, collection of security tools can become overwhelming. Hands-Free Security brings together industry thought leaders and subject matter experts to discuss SecOps strategies and how security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) can help. Join us for engaging, impactful discussions on SOAR use cases, emerging technologies and industry insights.

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Hands-Free Podcast

Vendor insights featuring Lenny Zeltser from Minerva


Swimlane CEO Cody Cornell is joined by Minerva VP of Products Lenny Zeltser to discuss the cybersecurity industry from a vendor's perspective. Key takeaways include insights on defense-in-depth, aspirations for a security silver bullet, looking ahead to 2020 and more.

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Hands-Free Podcast

Swimlane veterans roundtable


At Swimlane, we're proud to employ veterans from the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. CEO and Coast Guard veteran Cody Cornell is joined by other Swimlane vets, Brad Stouffer, John Grigg, Austin Jackson, Michael Lyborg and Rebekah Wilke to discuss transitioning from the service to startup life. Each veteran shares their own experiences as well as professional advice for others who might have just left the service or are going to soon.

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Hands-Free Podcast

Why we've built Swimlane the way we have


Swimlane CEO Cody Cornell gets on the phone with Director of Engineering Brant Wheeler to discuss startup life and why we've built Swimlane the way we have—both as a platform and as a company. As employee number three, Brant shares his insights on how to work in a startup and advice on how to grow with the company.

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Hands-Free Podcast

Pitfalls to avoid when implementing SOAR


Swimlane CEO Cody Cornell is joined by Professional Services Engineer John Grigg to discuss pitfalls to avoid and common misconceptions when shopping for an implementing a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions. Key points include action items before a security operations center (SOC) implements a SOAR solution, setting reasonable processes and expectations, and the fact that AI, machine learning and automation are not all the same thing--so be weary of vendors who use them interchangeably or make big promises.

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Hands-Free Podcast

MPOWER 2018 recap and key takeaways


Swimlane CEO Cody Cornell and Vice President of Marketing Kevin Broughton reflect on McAfee's MPOWER 2018. The two cybersecurity execs discuss their key takeaways from the show and keynote speakers, as well as what emerging technology could mean for the security industry.