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SecOps Hub is a community of security pros gathered to discuss SecOps strategies, incident response best practices and ways to simplify it all with security automation and orchestration. Although Swimlane is proud to host the community, and our in-house security experts contribute to many discussions, SecOps Hub is an open forum. Everyone is welcome to join and encouraged to contribute.

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SecureSet InfoNight- January 24th at 6 pm in Louisville, CO

@Emmaf wrote: SecureSet and Swimlane are teaming up to bring you insight into cybersecurity training and career paths next Thursday, January 24th, at Swimlane HQ in Louisville, CO. You’ll learn more about SecureSet’s immersive education programs and hear from industry professionals about their careers. SecureSet team members will be ...

Introduction - New to SecOps

@AndrewPla wrote: Greetings, I don’t have a security role yet, but with my current position I’m able to make lots of security improvements. My current plan is to learn all I can and apply it to my current environment as I prepare for a transition into a more dedicated ...

Looking for ServiceNow SecOps role

@Farhan wrote: Hi all, I have recently got trained and certified in SNow Systems administrator and SecOps ( Security incident response and Vulnerability management). I haven’t worked on any project yet, How can i get a first project? I am currently in Virginia , but willing to relocate anywhere ...

Handling API errors using Python requests

@joshswimlane wrote: I’m hoping this little code snippet will help someone else. I was writing a few functions in Python to interact with an API and wanted to stop processing any remaining code in the function, but I wanted to know why it failed at the calling level. So ...

InfoSec Hiring Needs to Change (Opinion)

@joshswimlane wrote: Hello Everyone, my name is Josh Rickard (Security Research Engineer @Swimlane) and I wrote this opinion piece about the current hiring practices for InfoSec Professionals and why/how it needs to change. Let me know what you think! InfoSec Hiring Needs to Change The Information Security community is ...

Windows Security Change affecting PowerShell

@joshswimlane wrote: Microsoft announced "The recent (1/8/2019) Windows security patch CVE-2019-0543, has introduced a breaking change for a PowerShell remoting scenario. It is a narrowly scoped scenario that should have low impact for most users. This should have very limited impact, but if you are impacted please share ...

Vote on your most needed integration!

@Emmaf wrote: Happy new year, SecOps community! Our developers are getting ready to build some new Swimlane integrations, and they need YOUR help prioritizing which integration they should build next! Which of these would help you the most? RiskIQ Passive Total SentinelOne Vulners 0 voters Posts: 2 Participants: 1 Read full topic

Prioritizing future integrations

@Emmaf wrote: Our integrations team is turning to you–our community of security professionals and Swimlane users–for help prioritizing which integrations to build next! Every couple of weeks we will offer up integrations in this category to gather your feedback. Help us build out integrations and use cases that fit ...

What's shared on SecOps Hub?

  • SecOps strategies and tips
  • Automation playbooks and scripts
  • Open source tools and suggestions
  • Incident response best practices

Who’s part of SecOps Hub?

Community members come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, with a shared passion for learning about and discussing information security and industry best practices. Our users range from beginners to advanced developers, industry thought leaders, information security veterans, and recent certification program and college graduates.

Why join SecOps Hub?

  • Discuss anything related to security operations, incident response, security strategies, and best practices.

  • Share your expertise with industry peers.

  • Learn from industry experts.

  • Expand and solidify your knowledge and skills with various open-source tools.

  • Propel your professional growth and make new connections across the globe.

  • Influence the outcome of your work and solve problems on your own – with help from other security pros!