How to Build a System of Record with Low-Code Security Automation

2022 SANS SOAR Solutions Forum

Security teams everywhere are asked to do the impossible. Processing the deluge of tasks and alerts required to protect an organization can easily overwhelm even the most highly-engaged security talent. While traditional SOAR offerings may help alleviate the pain, they are not enough in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape. That is why so many top-performing companies are turning to low-code security automation.

While applying security automation to processes like incident response or threat hunting are valuable introductory use cases, the value of low-code security automation extends beyond the SOC. Extensible security automation delivers a system of record for security teams and enables them to ensure continuous compliance and prevent breaches.

In this session, originally delivered live at the 2022 SANS SOAR Solutions Forum, you’ll learn about what makes low-code security automation different than traditional SOAR, and see demonstrations to illustrate how you can unlock its potential at your organization.

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