“Swimlane allows me to automate my repetitive tasks like data gathering, reporting and responding to false positives. Now, I have more time to spend on higher priority tasks.”


“Swimlane helps me measure, compare and improve the performance metrics of my team. I now know who is doing a great job and who needs a little extra coaching.”


“Different from other security tools, Swimlane’s dashboards and reports provide me with the confidence that the team is properly responding to alerts and attacks. I can justify their effort, results and value.”

centralize cyber security operations with a visual dashboard

Centralize Security Operations Activities

Swimlane tracks all enterprise security tasks and provides centralized access to cases, reports, dashboards and metrics for individuals and teams. The system standardizes response and notification processes to mitigate risk, speed resolution and streamline communications.

Capture, Standardize and Scale Security Processes

Swimlane captures best practices to improve the organization’s security capability, efficiency and performance. Standardization allows teams to learn and resolve security tasks quickly; automation allows the system to scale and execute pre-approved processes without human intervention.

automate and scale security processes with a visual dashboard

Resolve Incidents with Security Intelligence

Swimlane manages and automates the response to security alerts and incidents identified by existing monitoring and detection systems. Visualizing threat intelligence and case history allows Swimlane to provide situational awareness of an incident and potentially related events that may actually be part of a larger attack.

Automate Defense with Security Orchestration

Swimlane uses security orchestration to replace slow and manual threat response capabilities with machine-speed decision making and remediation. Automation leverages vendor APIs and software-defined security (SDSec) methods to rapidly respond and prevent attacks earlier in the kill chain.

automate security orchestration with the swimlane platform
visual dashboards make incident management more manageable

Deliver Metrics for Oversight and Insight

Swimlane dashboards and metrics deliver greater visibility into the performance, capacity and value of an organization’s security operations investment. The platform provides insight into the specific variables that are impacting productivity, efficiency and morale.

Prioritize alerts, remediate threats and improve your operational performance