Swimlane for Your Industry

Swimlane can be configured easily for an unlimited number of industry-specific use cases.

Whether you're a CISO at a multi-national bank, managing an information security team at a Fortune 500 retailer, a security architect for an MSSP or a security analyst working as part of a small team, Swimlane was built with you in mind. Our flexible and highly-scalable security orchestration, automation and response platform combines an intuitive drag-and-drop GUI with the ability to easily configure any component within the platform and quickly adapt to your specific people, processes, technologies and use cases.

Finance Industry

Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

Financial services institutions are among the most targeted by cybersecurity attacks. Banks, insurance companies and other finance organizations look to Swimlane to help integrate disparate security systems and then automate and orchestrate playbooks through easy-to-configure workflows so that security teams can respond to more alerts faster. Swimlane also helps document and standardize industry-specific incident response processes to meet regulations like GLBA and SOX, as well as required internal processes.

Health Care Industry

Health Care

Health care organizations face unique challenges when it comes to information security. They typically have large, distributed networks and complex EHR/EMR platforms storing highly-sensitive and frequently targeted PHI. Adding to the challenge is the requirement for providing easy access to critical medical data in the event of an emergency, while also facing stiff penalties for failure to detect and report on improper access and data breaches. Automating and orchestrating an organization's incident response and breach reporting processes with Swimlane can dramatically improve the security team's ability to protect patient data and comply with numerous regulations.

Energy Industry

Energy and Utilities

Critical infrastructure providers in the energy and utilities sectors are increasingly targeted by cybersecurity attacks. With unique security requirements for protecting ICS/SCADA environments, these organizations require solutions that can quickly integrate and interoperate with their OT security programs. Swimlane can help organizations with a complex web of security systems and operational technology to provide complete visibility into their security infrastructure. And with security automation, energy providers can standardize their incident response processes to mitigate risk, accelerate resolution time and streamline regulatory compliance.

Fed Government Industry

Federal Government

Attacks on federal agencies from both individual actors and organized groups are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Many federal agencies struggle to keep up with these alerts due to manual triage processes, numerous disparate security tools and difficulty hiring and retaining qualified personnel. Swimlane enables federal security teams to respond to threats faster by integrating their entire security stack and automating the manual tasks essential to keeping the agency secure. Swimlane also helps standardize and document incident response processes to better comply with federal cybersecurity regulations, such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and FISMA.

Local Industry 1

State and Local Government and Educational Institutions

With requirements for rapid IT modernization combined with an increasing number of high-profile data breaches, state/local agencies and educational institutions are under extraordinary pressure to establish effective security defenses. Many of these organizations struggle to find and retain qualified security personnel as budgetary restraints make it difficult for them to compete with the typically better-funded private sector, as well as the limited available headcount. Swimlane's automation and orchestration capabilities help these organization extend their security capabilities while documenting and standardizing critical incident response processes for streamlined notification and regulatory compliance.

Mssp Industry

MSSPs and Managed Service Providers

Succeeding as an MSSP means getting many details right in a complex services-oriented business. And every MSSP knows that basic SLA compliance is not enough—an MSSP must deliver airtight security. When it comes to preventing a breach, every minute counts in responding to an alert. Swimlane delivers a solution tailor-made to meet the productivity challenges and other risks to profitability and competitiveness faced by MSSPs. By radically reducing MTTR without adding overhead, Swimlane cost-effectively enhances the level of security and service that MSSPs and technology service providers can give to their customers while improving the bottom line.

Retail Industry


Over the past several years the retail industry has suffered some of the largest and most publicized data breaches, frequently costing impacted companies tens of millions of dollars or more. The fact that most of these organizations were PCI compliant makes it apparent that simply meeting mandated security requirements isn't enough. Swimlane empowers retailers with an easy-to-use and highly-adaptable security automation, orchestration and response platform that rapidly integrates with a retailer's specific security tools. It allows the retailer to rapidly create targeted incident response playbooks and workflows to respond to alerts at machine speeds—freeing up the security team to take a more proactive and effective approach to combating advanced security threats.

Real-world use cases for SOAR

Security orchestration, automation and response enables your security team to respond to more alerts more quickly with unlimited use cases that fit your organization's specific technologies and processes. Read about some of the most common use cases Swimlane can address.