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Case Management

Case management for streamlined incident response

Speed up investigations with enriched data and facilitate process compliance and rapid response, making it easier to close more security alerts in less time.

Robust case management is a critical component of any effective security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform. Instead of acting simply as an evidence locker, Swimlane's dynamic case management provides direct interaction with all data and related actions tied to an incident—allowing analysts to respond faster with greater flexibility.

Case Management
Case Management

Analyze and enrich incident data in real time with case management.

Within Swimlane's case management feature, an analyst can access a single record view to dynamically analyze and interact with all data and critical components related to an incident. From any record, the analyst can instantly execute an array of correlated investigatory actions specific to that case. For example, security analysts can view the details of an attack targeting a single endpoint. From that individual record, they can then initiate a search using their SIEM or EDR to locate any other device that may have also been targeted by the same attack—without ever having to leave the original record.

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Case Management

Enforce process standardization and compliance.

Effective case management speeds up investigations and enforces process compliance. Whether your incident response processes involve a few steps and limited security tools or include a complex web of security tools and actions, they can be standardized in Swimlane easily. Workflow-driven case management records ensure that analysts are working with the right data at all times and are able to follow the correct incident response processes for any use case quickly and intuitively.

Case Management Details
Case Management

Remediate security alerts at machine speeds.

Swimlane's case management capability is fully interactive and tightly integrated with workflow and playbooks to consolidate the entire incident response process. It not only provides immediate visibility into all relevant event context, it can also either fully automate the correct remediation action or enable one-click execution directly within each individual case so that SecOps teams can quickly and easily resolve a potential attack before it affects the business. This results in a dynamic defense that can be easily adapted to remediate an infinite number of relevant use cases at machine speeds.

"Large organizations need central management capabilities to initiate, monitor, and communicate SOC activities throughout event lifecycles."
Jon Oltsik, Enterprise Strategy Group

Powerful Case Management for SecOps

Interactive case management

Swimlane's case management is dynamic in nature, allowing SOAR users to research, assess and perform additional investigations from within each individual case—without leaving the platform to search in third-party systems.

Adaptation to any use case

Swimlane ties the entire incident response process together through a fully interactive and integrated workflow and case management process. This results in targeted, dynamic threat management that can be quickly adapted to address an infinite number of critical use cases.

Centralized case management

Swimlane lets you track, manage and report on all aspects of a security incident or alert within a single user interface. Case management enables security teams to work in one platform to take the right steps to research, remediate and report on an incident.

Defined, repeatable IR processes

Swimlane equips you to manage cases based on defined, repeatable processes to deliver consistent incident response remediation. Our case management also enables SecOps teams to easily collaborate with other departments via automated notifications.

Robust reporting and analytics

Swimlane makes it easy and intuitive to report on cases in progress, alert levels, threat intelligence and other critical metrics via robust reporting and analytics. This delivers greater visibility into the performance, capacity and value of an organization’s security investment to senior leadership and other stakeholders.

Enriched, real-time security data

Swimlane allows you to capture relevant, real-time and enriched incident data to remediate a case efficiently and effectively. With easy and immediate access to all data surrounding a case, analysts can make decisions to protect the organization more quickly.