Security Automation

Learn how security automation can replace manual incident response processes.

Swimlane executes security-related tasks at machine speeds during the incident response process—from detection and investigation to resolution—freeing your staff to focus on advanced threat defense. Automate tedious, manual tasks and reduce MTTR. Watch this 3-minute video to learn how enterprises, federal agencies and service providers can automate their incident response processes.


Security automation enables SecOps teams to respond immediately to security threats without requiring human intervention.

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Security Automation

Leverage security automation throughout your entire incident response process.

Security automation is designed to rapidly execute security best practices defined by your SecOps team. This allows you to standardize your incident response processes to mitigate risk, speed resolution and streamline communications.

Swimlane adapts to your organization’s unique security requirements and operational processes to automate tasks that typically require accessing third-party systems. This significantly speeds up the incident response process, improving your organization’s ability to respond to more incidents in less time without adding overhead.

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Security Automation

Standardize incident response workflows and playbooks.

Security automation does much more than execute actions in response to an alarm. Automation drives rapid playbook execution by following consistent incident response workflows to reduce response times and operating overhead.

Swimlane’s capabilities have the intelligence and flexibility to adapt to how skilled SecOps teams respond to threats by orchestrating people, processes and technology, as well as automatically following incident response workflows based on expert logic. This ensures threats are resolved quickly, easily and consistently. Manual steps, if required, can also be initiated directly within a Swimlane record with a single click.

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Security Automation

Proactive security monitoring and detection.

Most organizations use multiple security platforms and tools for threat detection and response. But with the increasing complexity of security infrastructures and the lack of available trained staff to operate them, more time is often spent managing and bouncing between platforms than using them effectively. It is critical for analysts to monitor an organization’s entire infrastructure within a single interface. Consolidating tools provides SecOps teams the threat intelligence they need to proactively defend the network.

Swimlane not only accelerates and simplifies security monitoring and detection, it improves cyber defense by automating a broad range of proactive threat defense activities, including threat hunting, policy enforcement and organizational security readiness testing. Swimlane delivers visibility into every aspect of security operations.

"Security automation and orchestration is a growing requirement, particularly in enterprise accounts, where resource-constrained security teams frequently struggle to cope with a huge volume of alerts from their infrastructure."
Rik Turner, Ovum Consulting

Enhance Security Automation for Security Operations

Automate Common Security Tasks

In addition to security orchestration, automating incident response (IR) processes makes your SecOps more efficient while significantly lowering your mean time to resolution (MTTR). Swimlane ingests large quantities of data from multiple sources, performs typically manual tasks and automatically executes IR actions.

Customize Playbooks and Workflows

Build security playbooks based on your organization’s unique processes to ensure every threat is responded to quickly and consistently. Swimlane’s playbooks can be highly customized to address virtually any use case with the workflows to fit your existing people, processes and technologies.

Integrate via an API-First Architecture

Quickly implement comprehensive security automation via simple, two-way integration with third-party systems to enable the playbooks and workflows necessary for your team’s unique processes. Swimlane’s API allows you to automate actions within any platform or through one-click execution from directly within an active record.

Standardize Workflows

Simplify complex security processes and build consistent incident response workflows that minimize the potential for error. Swimlane executes workflows to replace time-consuming, manual processes with machine-speed decision making. This enables your SecOps team to maintain operational continuity and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Expedite Detection and Response

Move beyond preventative measures by orchestrating and automating detection and response activities. Swimlane integrates with your existing security and infrastructure tools to deliver powerful adaptive defense. This ensures that when attacks do happen, they are identified and resolved quickly before real damage occurs.

Scale Security Processes

Implement unlimited playbooks and workflows with as many automated actions as you need without additional cost. Swimlane’s simple, user-based licensing means you aren’t penalized for increased usage of the platform. Every new workflow that you implement increases your ROI while total cost of ownership stays the same.