Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Names Swimlane A Leader In the 2023 SPARK Matrix for SOAR

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Names Swimlane a Leader in the 2023 SPARK Matrix for SOAR

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Innovation isn’t just an advantage – it’s a necessity. I’m proud to share a recent accomplishment that showcases the power of innovation in action. Swimlane is a leader in the 2023 Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK MatrixTM for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR). Among the 23 SOAR vendors evaluated in the SPARK MatrixTM Swimlane was rated #1 in terms of Technology Excellence. As the world’s largest security automation company, we’re dedicated solely to innovating in this domain. It’s all we do. 

This recognition is a testament to Swimlane’s relentless pursuit of harnessing technology to its fullest potential, empowering users with a solution offering proactive responses to everyday security challenges. As someone who understands the significance of robust technology in the cybersecurity domain, this acknowledgment speaks volumes about Swimlane’s impact, strategic expertise, and execution capabilities, which is a direct reflection of the dedication across the entire company.

This achievement not only highlights Swimlane’s commitment to excellence but also solidifies our place at the forefront of our industry. See below for more of Swimlane’s latest achievements over the past year:

Global Market Insights

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ is a global advisory and consulting firm. Their research dives deep into the SOAR market, offering insights into various factors that define their vision of excellence. The research encapsulates elements like technology sophistication, competitive differentiation, product strategy and performance, vision and roadmap, and customer service excellence. This research is extremely invaluable, as it provides a comprehensive view of the industry landscape. 

SOAR is more than just a term – it’s a transformative approach to cybersecurity. And the essence of low-code in SOAR is a key piece to our platform’s success. As explained by Shekhar Menkudale, an analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, SOAR is a software solution that combines key aspects of security solutions to detect, analyze, and remediate cyber threats. It streamlines security operations by automating tasks that were previously manual, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness. And right now, Swimlane Turbine is at the heart of this recognition, having a unique ability to capture hard-to-reach telemetry while offering unparalleled flexibility and performance.

The Future of SOAR

Being recognized as the #1 leader for Technology Excellence in security automation, is a testament to the dedication of our product development engineers to produce the world’s most-capable low-code automation platform. In a previous post, we highlighted how the future of SOAR will deliver value beyond what SIEM and XDR can deliver by providing greater flexibility and an environment-agnostic approach. And here at Swimlane, it’s just that. With great success comes immense work, and behind the Swimlane curtain, there’s a plethora of that. Here’s a glimpse into the journey that led us to this point:

Fuel Growth

For Swimlane, growth isn’t just a buzzword – it’s reality. The numbers themselves are equally captivating: a 123% year-over-year new ARR growth, coupled with international ARR growth of 129%. These aren’t mere statistics; they’re proof of Swimlane’s relentless drive.

People Power: Expand the Global Presence

Despite the overarching macroeconomic global climate and its impact on everyone coming off of COVID, the great resignation, remote working, and financial market instability. Over 100 new faces joined the ranks in 2022, leading the global headcount to 240. With 55 of these talents finding a home in Colorado, the team’s energy is at an all-time high. Behind every triumph are the people who make it happen. Swimlane knows this well and it was evident in our strategy to expand the global team. 

Uncover Swimlane Turbine

Swimlane Turbine, our low-code security automation platform, born in June 2022, leverages low-code to make automation both approachable and scalable, while also securely integrating data from any source. Turbine earned the title of Best SecOps Solution at the 2022 Tech Ascension Awards, cementing its position as a true standout.

What’s Next

As we look ahead, one thing is clear, we’re not just navigating the currents, we’re charting a new course. With innovation, inclusivity, and excellence lighting our path, the next chapter at Swimlane is eagerly awaiting. In our recent Cyber Threat Readiness Report, one-third of organizations believe they will never have a fully staffed security team. However, by embracing Swimlane Turbine’s low-code approach to security automation, you can unlock the power of automation, empowering both your security teams and individuals across your organization to safeguard your company.

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