Swimlane is a purpose-built security operations management system that centrally collects alerts from existing security tools. The platform allows organizations to prioritize alerts, automate incident response and document expert methods for standardization and reuse. Specifically designed to manage, model and refine security processes, the system ensures compliance, identifies training opportunities and automates immediate incident response.

Event management can take many forms, but at the end of the day, security alerts need to be managed in accordance to internal and regulatory compliance standards. To do that in a time-effective manner, organizations need the ability to standardize the manner in which they centralize security alerts, make severity and impact determinations, and manage the alerts based on these decisions. This process needs to be consistent and ever-improving, to not only increase performance, but also lower operations costs. Swimlane provides the ability to standardized paper-based or distributed incident management processes that are usually built-in ticket management solutions and Content Management Systems into a purpose-built, but flexible security alert response solution.

How it works:

  1. Standard operating procedures are modeled in Swimlane or organizations can start with the NIST compliant incident management process available in Swimlane.
  2. Procedures are modeled to ensure compliance by ensuring required data is captured, ensuring proper next steps are taken and providing notifications for major activities or non-compliance.
  3. Over time, organizations can use metrics from the incident management process to identify opportunities for improvement, training and investment, as well as identify opportunities for automation.
  4. The reports and metrics, captured automatically in Swimlane, provide organizations with due diligence evidence to demonstrate to management and auditors that security operations are meeting the standards and policies set forth by the organization and industry.

Conclusion: Swimlane provides organizations with the ability to ensure standardized and repeatable Security Operations Management processes and provides the metrics to improve and mature their program. Swimlane provides this capability on top of a platform that is designed to assist organizations with the ability to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, saving the organization labor costs while still improving speed, efficiency and capability.