Chris Hoff


Chris Hoff brings over 25 years of experience in delivering exceptional results across both revenue and net retention revenue metrics for some of the fastest growing companies of all time. His ability to assemble high-performing teams, foster positive work cultures, and implement effective messaging and processes has led to multiple successful company exits and outcomes.

His track record includes recent notable leadership roles at software companies such as Legit Security, Duo Security (acquired by Cisco), Okta (IPO), Delphix, EMC (acquired by Dell), and global system integrator ACS (acquired by Xerox). Chris’s commitment to excellence and proven ability to rapidly scale enterprise software businesses to achieve corporate goals, while building enduring relationships and client communities, has extended across various industries and verticals – banking, finserv, insurance, manufacturing, pharma, media, telecom, and SLED.

Chris holds an MBA and Master’s degree in IT Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Management from Clarkson University.