Swimlane Announces Integration with Chronicle’s Security Analytics Platform

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Chronicle correlates telemetry to enable Swimlane’s SOAR platform to deliver threat detection, investigation, and hunting

San Francisco – February 26, 2020 – Swimlane, an independent leader in security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), has joined the Chronicle Index Partner program as part of a broader industry effort to help customers improve visibility of and response to cyber threats. Chronicle’s global security analytics platform is designed to help enterprise customers analyze their security telemetry to detect, investigate, and hunt for advanced threats, at the speed of search. By joining the Index Partner program, Swimlane will work to integrate its products with the Chronicle platform, so that joint customers can better defend themselves against a variety of cyber attacks.

Swimlane’s SOAR platform enables a unified defense approach within the security operations center (SOC) by integrating with every organization’s unique security environment, supporting endless use cases and offering a highly scalable and resilient architecture. The newest release, Swimlane 10.0, has yielded up to 35X performance improvement in alarm ingestion rates and up to a 60X improvement in search query response in support of alert and intelligence deduplication. Both achievements set new benchmarks for SOAR platforms, significantly reducing mean time to detect (MTTD) and response (MTTR) for security incidents. By automating incident response processes, security operations teams can better manage the increasingly unmanageable number of alerts and manual tasks they handle each day.

“Swimlane is pleased to integrate with the Chronicle analytics platform. Together, I am confident that our solutions will positively contribute to the analyst community and our mutual customers,” said Swimlane Co-Founder and CEO Cody Cornell. “Swimlane’s market independent approach to unifying security defense with SOAR empowers security teams to make informed, real-time decisions for any SecOps, DevOps or cloud security use case.”

“Our platform is designed to analyze massive amounts of enterprise security telemetry, and provides more customer benefit when that telemetry includes critical data from leading security solutions,” said Magali Bohn, head of partnerships for Chronicle. “Our integration with Swimlane gives mutual customers more powerful detection and response capabilities against threats in their networks.”

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Swimlane is the leader in low-code security automation. The Swimlane Turbine platform unifies security operations in-and-beyond the SOC into a single system of record that helps reduce process and data fatigue, while helping security leaders overcome chronic staffing shortages and more easily quantify business value and the efficacy of security operations. Learn more at swimlane.com.

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