2019 SANS Incident Response Survey

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“The one question that defines how well an IR or security team is doing is: How quickly are we detecting, responding to and resolving incidents?” (2019 SANS Incident Response Survey)

Incident response must be flexible enough to meet the growing number and sophistication of threats. SANS Institute, a leader in information security research and training, surveyed security professionals to better understand where incident response times fall short, as well as areas where crucial improvements have occurred. In this year’s survey, SANS Institute found improvements in containment and remediation times, increased incident detection rates, and a decline in the number of false positives. But the work is never done; we must constantly be improving.

“Some promising figures in this year’s survey show that organizations are detecting and remediating faster than in previous years. We are also seeing better incident-to-breach management. However, this is no time to rest on one’s laurels.” (2019 SANS Incident Response Survey)

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