How Automation and Orchestration can Help Bridge the IT Security Skills Gap

An Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA) Research Report Summary

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As more enterprises seek to improve the maturity of their security operations, the automation of routine activities and the enablement of more streamlined workflows are taking center stage in that journey. How can automation and orchestration help bridge the current IT security skills gap?

“…automation within security tools has become a major selection criterion in adopting new tools or replacing existing ones for 98% of all respondents.” (EMA Research Report Summary)

In this study, EMA reveals how automation is one of the most efficient and effective ways to scale your security team and decrease your organization’s cybersecurity risk. Read the report to learn how automation can enhance your SOC during these unpredictable times, including:

  • The most valuable activities to automate in cybersecurity
  • The top benefits of automating security tasks
  • How security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) technologies are being used to to help bridge the security skills gap

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