Close It Down – Automated Security with McAfee & Swimlane

It is no surprise that most organizations struggle to find the perfect combination of tools and processes that will enable them to provide top-notch protection and a fast detection and response time. McAfee, a world-class leader in security software provides a suite of tools that enable protections across the enterprise. Swimlane, the leading independent SOAR solution enables workflow automation to connect and accomplish all of the necessary security tasks needed to quickly and efficiently protect your entire organization.

In this session, you will get the opportunity to witness some of the newest integrations available between McAfee and Swimlane’s latest offerings and see just how effective they are at fortifying your defenses with automation, orchestration and response using several McAfee tools. Join us and see for yourself how McAfee MVISION and Swimlane can help you close down attack potential and boost analyst morale and productivity.

During this on-demand webinar you will:

  • See how easily McAfee and Swimlane integrate to provide maximum awareness and response capabilities for your enterprise
  • Learn how Swimlane automates and interacts with McAfee MVISION and other tools to quickly identify, enrich and respond to alerts and events
  • Get a view of how easily automatic remediation can be achieved when Swimlane and McAfee are combined

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