How to Build and Leverage a Security System of Record

With talent in short supply and the security landscape becoming more complex everyday, the need for a single system to manage and monitor security tasks has never been more important. Fortunately, it’s also never been easier to track and automate security processes, cases and reports from a single extensible interface. Like Salesforce for sales and SAP for finance, the Swimlane platform serves as a critical system of record for busy security teams. Join low-code automation expert Jay Spann as we show how you can build and leverage a security system of record.

During this 30-minute recorded webinar you will learn:
– What constitutes a system of record
– Why establishing a security system of record now is critical
– How you can rapidly integrate and automate any security tool in your security stack
– How to gain visibility into the performance, capacity and value of your SecOps investments

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